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Dec. 29, 2022

NOOK paperback

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Sep. 1, 2022

The New York Times, USA Today Bestselling Author and #1 Dark Fantasy, Thriller and Interracial Romance writer of Death Whispers, Road Kill MC, The Token, and A Terrible Love presents Through Dark Glass, an impossible-to-predict, heart-pounding action and take-no-prisoners post-apocalyptic romantic thriller.

Three groups.

A Navy SEAL and his bride on their wedding night.

A middle-aged survivalist protects what is his.

Three brilliant teenagers who make a terrible mistake.

Coming together in one parallel reality.

When the lights dim across the United States, the new Brain Impulse Technology of this dystopian future is blamed.

Until they don't come back on and the government exploits the collapse by any means necessary.

Accountability doesn't matter when everything runs on mind to mind command and interplay.

Suddenly, water is scarce—and food is next.

As chaos ensues, can a group of Navy SEALs protect the people who are responsible for the downfall of civility—even if they're just kids?

Can a man employ a skill set he believed he'd never have to use again to protect his family against the new threat that circles their lives?

Will America fall?

Or will a few good people fight against all odds to see what's left of humanity, survive?

CLUB OMEGA: Book 3 of the Billionaires' Game Trilogy

Mar. 2022


► Now a TOP 100 Mystery & International Thriller!

"...keeps me on the edge of my seat and ... up all night reading..." ~ Susan P.

Written by New York Times,USA Today and #1 Interracial Romance author Marata Eros. Club Omega is a Top 100 International Mystery & Crime Thriller bestseller!Can be read as a standalone.

"Would you pay fifty million for your soul mate?"

Zaire Sebastian is emotionally exhausted. After two Club Alpha events going horribly south, his clients narrowly evading torture, blackmail and worse - he's regretfully letting Club Alpha go.

Or so he thinks.

Zaire's friends know he's got a heart for peoples' troubles. What they don't know is his rich lifestyle will soon come to an end. Not by design, but because it took everything to fight the court battle that nearly robbed him of Club Alpha before he'd paid it forward with Gia Township and Merit Lang.

He's broke.

Alexandra Frost appears to have it all. Beauty. Prestige. A luxury travel social media account with five million followers.

She's rich.

Then a chance encounter with devastatingly handsome Texan Zaire Sebastian has their lives intertwining in unexpected ways.

Their association leads them on a path of self-discovery, danger and love. When Zaire unveils a monstrous secret, he doesn't know what to believe. Or who.

Will Zaire listen to instinct—or extract himself before it's too late?

Full-length novel.

HER: A love story
Feb. 2022


► Now a TOP 100 Lesbian, Bisexual and LGBTQ Romance!

First there was Him.

He was my rock, my life's navigator – my everything. Married twenty years with the rest our lives before us.

I shut my eyes for Just. One. Moment.

When I wake there's nothing but cold. Pebbled asphalt abrades my skin. The rain is cool on my flesh – washing the blood away; my husband's death. The pregnancy he never knew about.

Then there was Her.

My savior is unrefined. Temperamental. Strong. Deliberate.

And... beautiful.

My husband is gone. I don't want anyone to replace him. I don't need anyone else.

Except Her. 

DARA NICHOLS SERIES,  a continuation, Volume 2

Jan. 2022



Smart Erotica for Smart Readers.

Note: Dara Nichols is an erotica series; not a romance series. Please download responsibly.

Dara is a cougar on the prowl. When erotic circumstances present themselves, she takes advantage in every way possible. Best friend Zoe and new traveling companion, Isabella, get wind of the fun, and the trio experience sexual fantasies of epic proportions.

Included titles are as follows:
#1- The Specialists: Dara Nichols and Zoe Scott receive special "exams" by eager doctors.
#2- Tongue Depressor: Zoe's boyfriend, Darrell, barges in without excuse and gets roped into the fun.
#3- Oral Exam: A loose dozen extra doctors must show up to handle the trio of womens' "exam" needs.
#4- Gag Reflex: Zoe gets her nose out-of-joint when Isabella gets all the special attention.
#5- Hard Recovery: Isabella bites off more than she can chew.

Short novel-length compilation, 200 + paperback pages


  1. How long till one blood is released

    1. Hi and thanks for the inquiry.

      ONE BLOOD will be released in the Apr/May timeframe. I have already begun writing it. Please subscribe to my TRB newsletter to receive sneak peeks and exclusive chapters. ty!



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