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Readers who want to read every book in the DEATH, SAVAGE, ALPHA CLAIM and REFLECTION universe(s) (as many are intertwined). I have a lot of cross-over readership between my real name and my pen, Marata Eros, so this may be of interest regardless if you're a TRB or ME fan. 

The end-goal of a reader sequence is to allow new readers to enjoy every nuance and crossover as they developed at the onset from when the books were released, thereby  invigorating a new fan group that's as excited about these books as when they first published. Refer to the BOOKS by TRB tab to see the sequence of books by series.

TRB books were very much serial installments and must be read in order to fully appreciate, except the following: ALPHA CLAIM. 

That said, AC is best read in order but that is not an absolute. 

2011 - I began publishing in March of that year.

  • DEATH WHISPERS (Death Series 1)
  • THE PEARL SAVAGE (Savage Series 1)
  • DARA NICHOLS ( Dara Nichols 1 -8)
  • DEATH SPEAKS (Death Series 2)
  • REAPERS (Druid Series 1)
  • THE SAVAGE BLOOD (Savage Series 2)
  • BLED (Druid Series 2)
  • THE SAVAGE VENGEANCE (Savage Book 4)
  • BLOOD SINGERS (Blood Series 1)
  • DEATH INCEPTION (Death Series 3) novella
  • DEATH SCREAMS (Death Series 4)
  • DEATH WEEPS (Death Series 5)
  • UNREQUITED DEATH (Death Series 6)
  • EMBER (Siren Trilogy 1)
  • THE SAVAGE PRINCIPLE ( Savage Series 3) This prequel was released after book 4.
  • BLOOD CHOSEN (Blood Series 3)
  • BROLACH (Demon Trilogy 1)
  • PROVOCATION (French Billionaires -Token Series 1)
  • ZOE SCOTT (Dara Nichols, Volume 2, 1-8)
  • SOW (Druid Series 4) 2013-14
  • HARVEST (Druid Series 3)
  • THE REFLECTIVE (Reflection Series 1)
  • ABSOLUTION (French Billionaires -Token Series 2)
  • THE SAVAGE PROTECTOR (Savage Series Book 5)
  • BLOOD REIGN (Blood Series 4)
  • THE REFLECTIVE CAUSE (Reflection Book 2)
  • FOR the LOVE of DEATH spin-off (Death Series 7)
  • THE SAVAGE DREAM (Savage Series 6)
  • CLUB ALPHA (Billionaires' Game Trilogy 1)
  • SEED (Druid Series 5)
  • CONSTANTINE (Siren Trilogy 2)
  • OBSESSION (French Billionaires -Token Series 3)
  • RETRIBUTION (French Billionaires -Token Series 1)
  • RUBY (Demon Trilogy 2)
  • ANGELIC BLOOD (Blood Series 5)
  • BLOOD ENCHANTMENT (Blood Series 6)
  • PUNISHED (Alpha Claim 1)
  • VENDETTA (Alpha Claim 2)
  • THE REFLECTIVE DISSENT (Reflection Book 3)
  • NOOSE  (Road Kill MC Series Book 1)
  • THE FIFTH WIFE ( written with Emily Goodwin, NYT Bestselling author)
  • PLOW (Druid Series 6)
  • DEATH BLINKS (Death Series 8)
  • THE DARK SAVAGE ( Savage Series Book 7)
  • SNARE (Road Kill MC Series 2)
  • WRING (Road Kill MC Series 3)
  • REDEMPTION (French Billionaires - Token Series 5)
  • LARIAT (Road Kill MC Series 4)
  • DEATH INCARNATE (Death Series 9)
  • REDEMPTIVE BLOOD (Blood Series 7)
  • BOUND ( Alpha Claim Book 3)
  • TRAINER (Road Kill MC Series 5)
  • BLOOD CROWN (Blood Series 8)
  • THE ULTIMATE REFLECTIVE ( Reflection Book 4)
  • VIPER (Road Kill MC Series 6)
  • PUCK (Road Kill MC Series 7)
  • ALPHA BLOOD (Blood Series 9)
  • DAMON (Siren Trilogy 3)
  • STORM (Road Kill MC Series 8)
  • BELOVED BLOOD (Blood Series 10)
  • FIRST SPECIES (Alpha Claim 4)
  • THE SOUL REFLECTIVE (Reflection Book 5)
  • CLUB BETA (Billionaires' Game Trilogy 2)
  • DARA NICHOLS (Dara Nichols Series Book 2)
  • HER
  • CLUB OMEGA (Billionaires' Game Trilogy Book 3)
  • ONE BLOOD ( Blood Series Book 11)

Each series can be read and enjoyed independently of the others. Worldbuilding is sufficiently explained, though I am known for my cliffies.  With a catalog size this large, a "landing page" of sorts to view the chronological order is helpful to old and new readers alike.

THE DEATH, SAVAGE, REFLECTION, BLOOD and ALPHA CLAIM series can be read independently of one another. However.... there are several crossovers around book 4 in both DEATH and SAVAGE, with a sprinkled bit of surprise crossovers in REFLECTION as well. ALPHA CLAIM steals the hard sci-fi tech of the DEATH series, as does my upcoming release for 2022, THROUGH DARK GLASS. I encourage you to enjoy the full reader experience by reading the DEATH series first. The other series come later and, as mentioned above, can be loved separately, though it is the author's belief that when they are read in order, it deepens the reading experience. 

Antihero Trigger Warning.

Marata Eros is a dark thriller writer with an undertone of eroticism and violence. Her works are niche, multi-layered, lyric and complicated. This is not "commercial" fare. 👇

DRUID, SIREN and DEMON are all heavily interconnected and do need to be read in order. I strongly encourage DRUID first, then SIREN, then DEMON, for which book 3 is being written to complete the trilogy. Characters pop up from DRUID to SIREN and there is at the very least, reference to some characters in DEMON.

DARA NICHOLS is a hardcore, erotica offering that should not be misunderstood as romance. I've written roughly, 3 short novels compilations of this sexy, hot series. 18+ audience. Standalones.

ROAD KILL MC is primarly MC with back story that is heavily infused with Navy SEAL history and knotting lore. Gritty, passionate and authentic prose and dialog. Standalones.

FRENCH BILLIONAIRES - TOKEN. Before Billionaires and mafia was popular fiction Marata had her anitheroes scoped out and written. Broken men holding onto desperate control of their emotions, only to be shattered when they find love. Messy, dark journeys lead to ultra-awesome HEAs. Dive in. Books 3-5: Standalones.

BILLIONAIRES' GAME is a dark thrill-fest of international intrigue with alternate realities, soulmate seeking, love and grave danger. Standalones.


All my books are available through the subscription service, Kindle Unlimited.

Two prequels were written after I started both DEATH and SAVAGE (first books released within a few months of each other). 

Road Kill MC, FRENCH BILLIONAIRES -TOKEN, BILLIONAIRES' GAME and ALPHA CLAIM are series where the novels are interconnected but all books are standalones.

DRUID, TOKEN and ALPHA CLAIM were all originally written as novellas or novelettes at a time when that was popular. I've [now] compiled all of these shorts into readable, full-length stories to be consumed and enjoyed more easily by my readers. 

FRENCH BILLIONAIRES - TOKEN used to be named "The Token." I've since retitled all five novels to break down confusion for "Token 1," Token 2," and so on. 

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