1. Hi, I am reading the Druid series for the 2nd time and for the 2nd time, I can't find a copy of Titus anywhere. Can you help please?!

    1. Hi and thanks for reading Druid! I plan to write TITUS for a 2024 release. I have not revisited Druid for a number of years but find I'm ready now. That will be book #7 with the following title sequence as of 9/22/23: Reapers, Bled, Harvest, Sow, Seed and Plow. (Titus is featured in Plow, book #6). Originally, these were ordered differently and a bit confusing. A few years ago, I combined the novellas into short novels and consolidated the works to promote reader ease and streamline the serial. Please subscribe to my TRB Newsletter for release notice(s). Thanks so much! Tamara 😘


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