Third Indie Birthday Kindle PAPERWHITE Giveaway ++!

Hi Readers! It's that Grateful Pooh time of year again!

March 31 is when DEATH WHISPERS was published and each day things progress, improve and become more rewarding because of my readership!
March 31, 2011


What's happened since March 2011?
Here's the facts, ma'am:

I've published 31 titles
Simon & Schuster has published 3
I've written 33 works from short stories of only 25 pages, to 450.
I've sold 400K++ copies as an independent author/publisher.
I've written about 2 million words
I love my job
I write for you
I write for me
I'm grateful!

So! Toward that end I'm digging on doing a awesome giveaway:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

One of these guys

One of these


A 5-book signed paperback collection plus swag of the following Savage Books:

This is a giveaway just for YOU. In thanks to YOU.
For all YOU do.
I'm so grateful I have an audience for my work and I'd like to give back:)

Thank you, Tamara xo


  1. Eek! I'm dying for a new book to read and I've never heard of this one so I'm definitely going to check it out! Definitely need a Kindle! My little phone can be so hard to read while I'm nursing my son (the only time I have free to read really).

    1. Boy--I wish Kindle had been around when I was nursing! lol:) ty for entering!

  2. Tamara, Little old lady here--- (no, really 75 years! )I have followed you from the first: The Pearl Blood, have a special notebook to keep track of due dates to each book Always loved to read but this series and characters, take my breathe away. I have pre-ordered the #5 and # 6 books. And of course- Kendle! Thanks, Shirley

    1. Oh Shirley-- it's such a pleasure for an author to hear that their work entertains readers, you've no idea! Thank you so much for taking the time to write. Today I've been working on reading through THE SAVAGE PROTECTOR, book #5 (in preparation for it's release on the 28th) and it's going brilliantly :) I hope you enjoy this installment as much as the rest. And as far as your age? My biggest demographic is 25-34 year olds... my second biggest: 60+... so you're not alone! <3 Take care and thank you so much for your support.... Tamara

  3. Tamara! New fan here! :) I started with the Death Series, and now I'm working on the Druid Series, so I'm über-excited to get into the Savage Series! I'm definitely hooked!! Thanks for all your hard work-your books give me a place to escape to at the end of my crazy days :) I recently went through a very depressing situation in which I was essentially homeless with my four children. One of which is profoundly disabled- he's 5 years old. We lived at a motel for two weeks before we found a new home. Your books were the only thing I had to keep me sane during that time. Thank you so much, and don't stop writing!!

    ~Angela M. from MD

    P.S. How do I know if my (ahem, 37) entries went through? Lol, sorry, I'm just not tech-savvy hahaha

    1. Hi Angela! Great to hear from ya~ Going from Death to Druid? God love you! ;) I hope you enjoy the Savage Bundle... ty for the affirmation. Writing is sometimes a very solitary pursuit and a wonderful little note from a reader can make the author inspired to continue. I have also been in terrible spaces in my life and am THRILLED to hear that my books eased you through your own trial. You're not the first reader who has written and told me my work allowed a freedom from a personal challenge in their lives, if only for a time. That's the goal for my books: escapism, entertainment and feel-good. <3 ty for sharing~


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