Tuesday Teaser: BLOOD CHOSEN!

Hi Readers! That excerpt I've been promising? Here it is:

“You're going to summon the Reader, father?” Jen asked, breath held.

He gave a single nod.

“What, or who, is that?” Julia asked because everyone seemed grim about it.

“A future teller,” Brendan said and William scoffed, “And what good will that do but alert us to what we do not wish to know?”

Marcus gave a nod of acknowledgment to William. “You are right. A Reader is only born to Singers once in a millennium, a compliment to our Rare One, if you will. They are sequestered for what they are. But now, we must know why there is a drawing of three. A number of power,” Marcus said.

“No one wishes to know the hour of their death,” Victor stated logically and Julia couldn't fault it. 

Mortality shouldn't be an equation to be solved.

“Or what remains of their life,” @@@@@@ added and they looked at each other in perfect understanding.

“Then we're asking the Reader because we want to breach that?” Julia asked. “Didn't you just say that we should never make contact with the Reader?”

Marcus nodded. “We have a Deflector who resides within one mile of the Reader and in that way... some of her needs are met.”

“Her?” Julia asked and fought tears thinking about a stranded Singer, in an island not of her choosing, with only one Deflector to ease her loneliness.

Suddenly, murmurs rose and fell in a wave of distressed noise.

Julia turned and got what was the equivalent to a slap in the face....


Yeah... readers! *sweet* I have developed two more stories to follow CHOSEN and already have a book cover lined up with the new title. Book #4 will be closure to the Biggie from CHOSEN and the Opener for two story lines that need telling in the subsequent installments. How many Blood books will there be? I don't know for certain, but two more for sure. There may be a fill-in-between-the-numbers novella as well. Let's see.... what happened before Julia was born? Who Were her parents? Really? Loving that angle!

When will we talk new Blood/cover/synopsis? It will be revealed by Halloween!


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