CHOSEN News... Moving... Freight Trains, Giveaways and Other Tidbits!

Hi Readers.... here's a gif of my mind:

That's normal speed. That's the way the story goes until I write the words: THE END.
Some clever readers have noticed this issue:

"I didn't have time to breathe because of the non-stop action!"
"The pacing of the book is frenetic, volatile and never-ending...."

Or, my personal fave:
"I love her writing!"

Oh... that's mine. Yeah, I do love what I write. However, see gif above. That's the speed, guys. That's the only way I see it. If I'm writing I'm capturing this movie-like image in my mind and I better do it right then or it'll be gone like the scenery that passes by the window in the train inside my head.
Kinda. Lol.
It is what it is.

So, what's happening with CHOSEN?
It's all downhill from here:

Once I get to the 50% mark or so in a work, I'm screaming down the asphalt at top speed toward the end. Even I can't believe who and what I've included in CHOSEN. 
The POVs!
The ARCs!
The Atrocities!

Barely plausible, totally fantastical!

Tony and Jacqueline have taken a front seat on this train guys and their driving it all the way to the depot. Neither are what they seem.
And neither is The Feral.
What happened to him?
Wow, are we gonna find out!

The mediocre, hate-to-deliver-news: 

It looks like, since I'm moving my entire household from Alaska to South Dakota mid-month it'll put a crimp in my gitty-up and CHOSEN might... or might not get pubbed on Labor Day weekend like I'd hoped. 

It will be very close! But with this cross-state travel, spotty internet... and the like, It could be as late as Sep. 10th.

The Great, I-Dig-FREE-Stuff news:

However, I will be sweetening the deal- big time with the BLOOD BASH GIVEAWAY TBA shortly! What's the loot? Well, many of you who watch my vlogs (and for those who don't), will be able to get one of those handbags I trot through while I do the vlog. Plus author swag, plus a Signed copy of not 
Not Two--
But Three Blood books!

New Guess Handbag
Author Swag

That's right! Enter to win soon and get three signed paperbacks plus swag with a cool handbag.

P.S. You guy readers (yeah, there's a stubborn faction of males that love the tech and violence... I know who you are). Keep the books and hand over the purse to your girlfriend or wife before someone gets hurt. 

I promise next time I'll do something a little more gender-neutral and you only have to put up with it this time... *winks*

Take care-  Tamara


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