Another Drop of Blood in the Chosen Bucket! HERE- *real time* Readers!

An Excerpt from CHOSEN and a *clever reader* hint....

Okay... normally I go for an absolute *stun the reader* field goal by throwing an epic twist in my works. Well why break stride, I ask?


But I'm going to offer a hint:

What is Xena doing in the middle of my post? Huh... well, I like her style guys. I have a new character in CHOSEN that reminds me a little of Xena.

Who is She? Well, here's where I'm bratty... you'll have to read it to find out. If I don't have a batch of collective readers that gasp and cover their mouths at the newest revelation in CHOSEN I'll eat my hat (even though I never wear them...).


“Stop that, Were,” Marcus warned, then added, “you are standing in the blood of my Combatant. I cannot kill you for fear of retaliation from the local Were den.” Marcus' voice said clearly that the thought had occurred to him. He slid a glance toward Lawrence, who gave him neutral eyes in return. “However, if you had killed the queen's guard... it would have been within my rights to do so.”

“A pleasure to do, I imagine,” William added, his eyes like slits.

Tony stopped clapping and looked at the vampire. “Y'know, you're beginning to get on my last nerve, drinker.”

William's lips curled in disgust, a hint of fang showing. “Which part insults you most? That you seek a violent end for its own sake? That you manipulate all for your own gain?”

Tony grinned at William, baring his teeth. “Your existence for starters. And yeah, I never said I wanted to lead-- I want to rule....”


Well lah-dee-dah. Tony is so him. But we have a female counter:

Yeah, it's Xena again. She personifies much... but not all. I'm rubbing my hands together with glee on this guys.


Who is this guy? Well Slash... of course. Although I believe his heart lies with another....

Any ideas on who this new female character is? I'm dying to hear your thoughts!


  1. First thoughts.....

    OMG!!! She knows who Xena is and spelled her name correctly!!! *SQUEE*

    I really can't wait to read about this new character! I hope she is totally badass!

    Nice teaser!

    1. Lol... ty. Look forward to hearing more of your thoughts! ;)


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