David Got His Dose of Death!

Congratulations Reader David W. for winning the Dose of Death grand prize: DEATH SCREAMS, DEATH WEEPS & UNREQUITED DEATH in a triple hit of FREE goodness!

I don't know if this is HIS reaction but I can make up anything I want: I'm a fantasy writer... among other things ;) lol.

I'd like to thank each and every one of you who entered and PROMISE this will not be the last contest! I like to run at least one every other month. The next contest will be to promote my next new release:

This contest will be titled The Big Blood Bash giveaway. Why? Because clearly, I'm kinda an alliteration nerd. Uh-huh.
I don't know why... but I think she's the hottest thing alive and I'm a big True Blood fan....
I'm also not a Believer in Blondes but there are some exceptions.... lol.


Join me on August first for the BIG BLOOD BASH giveaway and a chance to win the following in singed paperback plus exclusive swag, available only once:

I'm not goofing around with this guys! I'm going hard on the paint. The winner shall have their name in book #4 (coming 2014!) as an added bonus! Ever want to be immortalized? Here's your chance~

Stay tuned for updates, teasers, quotes from *nasty* Tony and more!


  1. I'm diggin all the gifs T!! Awesome comp!

  2. Yes, that is pretty much my reaction!! Thanks so very much for the books and would love to leave a review when I finish reading them. Great Series, likable characters and good storyline. Thanks again, David Woodall :)

    1. Lol... that's great David! And thank you for entering. It's pure joy to gift my work but it's a little sweeter when a guy gets it 'cuz Death was for the boys... I'm so pleased plenty of chicks like it too ;)

      Please review if/when you're able, every review counts! ty.

      Take care, T.


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