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TRB:Tiffany, you're just finishing your education. Now that, Meant to Be, has been met with TERRIFIC success, have your plans changed?
TK: It's funny how much my plans have changed. For four years the plan was to finish school and get a better paying job with good benefits. Meant to Be has changed all that, LOL! The new plan is to hold off on switching jobs until the summer is over. Depending on how Meant to Be and the sequel, Forgotten Souls are doing; [that] will determine which direction I will head.

TRB: What made you choose to "go Indie?" What is your advice to other authors that don't wish to go the “legacy publishing” route?

TK: I chose the "indie" route because it fit my plans the best, which was to get my books in the hands of readers. The marketing aspect is tough but the idea that I was the one that got my book in the hands of readers is pretty cool.

TRB: Where did you get your idea(s) for your novel, Meant to Be?

TK: Meant to Be came from the desire to create a love story that my daughter and her friends would enjoy reading. The paranormal angle I took is one that has always appealed to me, I was curious to see what I could do with it.

TRB: What type/style of a writer are you? Seat-of-Your Pants? Outline Queen? Master Plotter?
TK: I'm a mostly a Seat-of-My Pants kind of writer. The only plotting I do is when I step away from my WIP and analyze my next scene in my head before I go to sleep at night.
*I feel you there, Tiffany! TR

TRB: Did you model any characters after real-life people? Is there a character that resonates with you?
TK: Krista and Sam are both a mix of me. I get embarrassed easily but I'm also a huge jokester. Krista's love of chocolate is all me though hehehe.

TRB: What is your hope for readers to experience by reading your novel?
TK: My hope is for them to fall in love with the characters like I did and to go to bed thinking about the story that they have read.

TBR: Is there a playlist that you listen to that inspires you while you're writing?
TK: I have come to realize I can't write to music :o(. For, Meant to Be, I wrote with the Harry Potter movies playing quietly in the background. I guess you could say HP inspired me the most.

TBR: Who is your favorite author? Is there a certain genre you read [in] exclusively?
TK: JK Rowling's is my favorite author, I'm a Potter geek all the way. That being said, I read lots of different genres so there are many other authors that I admire greatly also. 
*The flogging shall begin...I have never read HP! TR

TRB: Are you a DTB (Dead Tree Book) reader, or do you use a dedicated reader? What do you predict for the future of these two formats?

TK: I love my Kindle!! I love the fact that it holds all my favorite books and that I can also link it to my iPhone. Yes, it means I miss out on seeing beautiful book covers but truthfully I don't miss lugging book around with me at all. The only drawback for eReaders lately is that most mainstream eBooks are crazy expensive. I am also sad that Harry Potter is not yet available on any eReader.

TRB: When can we expect the exciting sequel for, Meant to Be, to publish? What are a few things the reader can expect from book two?
TK: Forgotten Souls, the sequel to Meant to Be, will be out in July 2011. Readers can expect more interaction with characters that were introduced in Meant to Be, and a lot more of the paranormal aspect.

TBR: How has your experience as an author been different from what you expected?

TK: My experience as author has been different than I expected, in the aspect that it is a non-stop, roller-coaster ride with lots of ups and downs. The ups are seeing your book move up on the charts and knowing that people are actually enjoying what you wrote. The lows are the times you feel the pressure to get your next book out there and when you find out that someone hated what you wrote. It is a crazy ride but so very worth it if you choose to get on.

  Author Bio~
Hi, my name is Tiffany King, the author of the Paranormal/Romance YA novel "Meant to Be" and I'm practically a native Floridian. My family and I have been here for the last fourteen years and have gotten quite used to the mild winters and scorching summers. I went back to school when I turned 31 and will finish up this spring. I wrote my book, "Meant to Be," two years into my degree program and put it on hold while I finished school. Of course my degree has nothing to do with writing *drat* but that doesn't mean that I'm not going to keep writing. During this process with, "Meant to Be," I discovered just how much I love to write and I have many story ideas tucked away.

Tiffany is super-active in both the author and reader communities; connect with her at the following places:





TRB: When I've mentioned, "authors giving back," it has never been truer than with Tiffany; she gives more than she gets and is deserving of whatever great things happen in her writing career~! Congratulations and good luck, Tiffany. Thanks so much for visiting my blog!


  1. Great interview! Definitely checking out Meant to be, it sounds wonderful! :)

  2. It's interesting and has enough "contrary" to appeal to people (like myself) that need a certain degree of conflict and strife to make a story resonate/entertain. Try, "Surviving Passion," as well...really dug that one~


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