"Death Screams," (Book 3 Death Series)

New Book Cover: Death Screams (Death Series Book 3)

Expected Release Jan./Feb. 2012


  1. Love the cover!

    Have a good weekend Tamara! :)

  2. Thanks!!! You too...I have you slated for July 7 for the A/I... :D

  3. Thank you Tamara, you rock! :)

  4. Gotta say when I first started reading the death series I was reluctant. I read the firest book and had to immediately get the second. I can't wait till the third. Thank you for writing such interesting books with great characters.

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  6. 'm thrilled you took a chance on DW! It is a different take, with a male main character and such...but it's better to write what you know. I have four sons so that perspective made sense ;). Death has been a blast to write and I'm currently hard at work on "Death Screams," set to release/ publish in late January, 2012. Thanks for your feedback, it means the world to me~ =D


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