I could never write as well without the help of these talented musicians...
The Music (in no particular order):

The Hangman's Body Count

Remember Everything

Forever Fields

Sent by Ravens

In un' altra vita

Ludovico Einaudi

Hot Violinist


A Fucco

Pop Evil- Torn to Pieces

Joe Bonamassa- Driving Towards the Daylight

Moonlight Sonata

Oh Danny Boy (celtic version)

Lindsey Stirling (dubstep violin)

Godsmack- Nothing Else Matters

Peter Hollens- The Hobbit Theme Song (battle scenes)

Parabelle- Anchors

Sully Erna 7 Years


Alter Bridge

Revis- spin

The Lightning Stikes- Snow Patrol

Korn- System

Cellofourte- Whispers in the Dark

What are You Waiting For?

Mind Control

Tantric- Letting Go

Revis-Your Wall

Broken Sorrow-Nuttin but Stringz

Parabelle- More

Parabelle- When the World Wakes Up

Parabelle- The Clocks


Parabelle- Kiss the Flag


Times of Grace- Worlds Apart

I want you to know~ Seven Days Away

Alyria- Inside You (I believe)

Killswitch Engage- The Arms of Sorrow

Sevendust- Ugly

Five Finger Death Punch~ The Bleeding

Tragedy Machine~ Like a Machine

Five Finger Death Punch~Far From Home

Seether w/Amy Lee: Broken (Caleb Protecting Jade)

Daughtry: Don't Belong to Me~

Framing Hanley: You Stupid Girl

Modern Day Zero~ Everything

Bother: Stone Sour

Tread: Truth

Sully Erna: Until Then

Sully Erna: Sinner's Prayer (Inspiration for action sequences)

Dark New Day: That's Enough

Breaking Benjamin: Sooner or Later

10 Years: So Long, Goodbye

Breaking Benjamin: Without You (Caleb Loving Jade)

Digital Summer: So Beautiful, So Evil

Red: Start Again

Seether: Like Suicide (Jade's Dad)

Linkin Park: Numb (Caleb Wanting to be Normal)

Staind: Break Away (Caleb Growing Up)

Staind: Right Here Waiting

AC/DC: Skies on Fire (Dump Brawl- Clyde's in Charge ;)

Three Days Grace: Last to Know

Rev Theory: The Fire

Shaman's Harvest: Dragonfly

Modern Day Zero~ Smother

Five Finger Death Punch~ Bad Company