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#7- FOR the LOVE of DEATH
The Death Series

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This Young Adult blend of Urban Fantasy/Futuristic-Sci-fi/Paranormal Romance  is available for purchase now on:, NOOKbook, Smashwords...

Death Whispers, a futuristic, paranormal tale of friendship, romance and government intrigue, explores the life of , Caleb Hart, “normal” teen and corpse-raiser...

Caleb has the most rare of the paranormal powers, cadaver-manipulation (aka corpse-raiser). In this world of the future, with Brain Impulse “pulse” Technology’s wide-spread use and influence keenly realized, routine school inoculation has expanded to include a pharmaceutical cocktail, which once administered, unlocks the genetic potential for paranormal abilities, Using this small window of puberty, teens who have the genetic propensity find themselves manifesting extraordinary gifts; some of which garner the full attention of our government. Caleb must camouflage his new “talent” during the mandatory eighth grade Aptitude Test so that he remains undiscovered while establishing choice for his future. However, events beyond his control systematically reveal Caleb and his friends, which force them to fight for their freedom. In the midst of this struggle, his girlfriend's father battles to reassert his abusive dominance in her life while a couple of “peer enemies” thwart his efforts of secrecy at every turn. In the explosive climax, Caleb must protect his friends, and Jade, the one he all costs.

If you're looking for a book with authentic teen dialogue, that's action- packed, comedic with a touch of romance, this is it~! 

Page 195 of Death Whispers:

...Jonesy made a face. Uh-oh. Jade put her hands back on her hips and marched over to Jonesy. Almost nose-to-nose (but she was still shorter), “You got a problem with Sophie?” Her face was fierce.
No, no problem,” Jonesy sputtered, caving.
You looked like you had one.”
It's just, we used to be an all-guy thing, and now...well, we may be getting too many hens in the chicken coop.”
Oh...please! You bunch of roosters need all the help you can get. Be grateful!”
And with that parting shot she pivoted on her heel and went off in search of Sophie.
We stood silently looking after Jade.
You handled that well, Jones-ster.”
Maybe next time just let the girls come.”
This mundane thing blows goats. And the girls are taking over the world,” Jonesy stated.
Not yet.” I said, winking.




Page 6 of Death Speaks:

   The girls turned to him, interested in what he had to say because Gramps was just that way...interesting.
   “All these hot-shot government types spewing their lies around and all the sheep in the country thinking that they know everything...let them come on my property and try to enforce any of those bleeding heart laws, I'll give them all something to think about.”
   Don't ask, don't ask.
   Jonesy asked.
   “Well...I think I'd start with the kneecaps, and eventually work my way up to the...”
   He turned his head in my direction, “Maybe my friends aren't ready for The Solution yet.”
   “I'm ready,” Jonesy said.
   “Me too.” John echoed.
   Just then, there was a huge clatter as a dilapidated car drove up, had to be Bry.
   He cranked open the door, which squealed in protest. Saved by Bry. I did a mental forehead-wipe.
   “Hey guys,” Bry said moving into range of Gramps.
   “Hello, Mr. Weller.”
   “Hi Mac, how's it goin'?”
   “Fair to middling...”
   Bry raised his eyebrows and I translated old-guy-speak, “Average.”
   “Oh...right, I gotcha,” he said, plopping down next to Tiff and wading right in to the food with typical teen boy gusto.
   Tiff gave him The Look, apparently she had a special one reserved just for sibling interaction, “Ya gonna be okay?”
   “Yeah,” wolf-slurp-gulp, “just need to fuel up, didn't have anything at work,” he said, his cheek already distended with a half a hot dog...

Page 74 ("pulse" conversation; futuristic "texting")

Nothing will happen if they don't start something.-CH
I know you won't start anything ...but, our group, as a awfully good at finishing things.-JLeC
She had a point there.
K, here's the thing, I'll pulse the world and tell them the parameters, come over so we can hang out and it'll all be okay.-CH
I really want to see you.-CH
Me too, Caleb.-JLeC
And another thing...I can't protect you if something goes wrong if I'm the only dude in a pack of got me? CH
Why does it always come down to that? You protecting me? JLeC
Cuz you're the girl and I'm the's part of my job description laughs CH
Not real funny, Caleb.-JLeC
Don't worry about it, Jade. I love you, I don't ever want to see you hurt. And I'm trying not to use the Zombie Enforcers shrugs- CH

Page 94

    “Wait-a-sec...are these guys,” he gestured toward the zombies, “are they dead?”
    “Yeah,” I said.
    “Wow,” he whistled, “I know I shouldn’t say it but, I couldn't tell.”
    “Yeah, I borrowed some juice from the girls by accident.”
    “Not very good control, Caleb,” Smith said.
    Details, details. I shrugged my shoulders, so sue me.
    “Okay, let's get the chief here...and his crew, back where they belong.” He suddenly noticed the vermin running around. “And these guys too. I have to say, Caleb, they're sort of creepy.”
    “Yeah, I know.”
    “Ya think?” Barbie/Christi said helpfully.
    Bry tried to shush her but of course to no avail, she was just one of those chicks that never got when to shut up. She was a believer in Going On.
    The zombies were not believers, picking up on everyone’s mutual pissiness with ole Christi, they moved as one and latched on to her arms, Lead Zombie leaning close to her face, he laid the only dull part of his blade against the underside of her jaw.
    Bry blared, “Caleb!”
    “Hang on, it's lesson-time for Barbie.”
    “You would do very well to hold that pretty tongue of yours when our Master has utterance. Tongues can be severed,” and he stroked the underside of her chin with a feathers touch, a degree of finesse I would not have thought possible with a weapon like that, but he managed, oh yes indeed-y.
    I watched Christi's eyes roll up in her head right before she dropped like a sack of potatoes in a dead faint.
    Well-hell, that was super-effective.
    Jonsey was restraining the urge for a high five. I couldn't believe it. I think it was the first time I'd witnessed Jonsey actually thinking first.
    The zombies lowered her gently to the ground. These guys were smart...they reminded me of Clyde, I thought, having a pang of nostalgia.
    “Caleb.” Smith said.
    “You've had your fun,” Garcia said.



Where it all began....
Page 16

He deposited her on the soft grass and held her until she stopped swaying, their combined laughter a music he would never tire of.

Clyde answered her question, “Then she be the luckiest girl to be born.”

“Oh... why is that?” Maggie asked. Not waiting for a response she turned, running up the steps of his grandfather's farmhouse, the earlier evil of the visit from the police lost in the joyous press of the secret knowledge they'd just shared.

“Because her beauty will rival that of her mother's,” Clyde whispered. Desire flared in his eyes with heat and purpose.

Maggie saw it and ran, laughing as he charged after her.

Clyde chased her up the stairs, catching her easily on the turn in the stairwell, the pain of his fists forgotten before the distraction of her love.
Page 5

   Their eyes locked and Kyle stated, “I will not sign off on human trials.”

   Dunham's smile widened into a grin. “Now that just works out fine, Dr. Hart. We don't need you to. We just need you to approve them after they're completed. Establish credibility that the drug works to enhance what may have taken evolution a hundred or even a thousand years to naturally occur.”

   Kyle stared him down.


   Fine, but what parent would allow their child to be involved in experimental science?

   Kyle Hart didn't realize how na├»ve his internal question had been until they were finished with the trials.

   The answer was plenty.

*Novella length 24,000 words



Caleb's second year of high school starts off without a hitch until Jade touches the wrong clairvoyance sample that foretells a murder in her future. Will she remain safe even while assisting police officers Garcia and Gale in a race to prevent a cataclysmic death? 

Sophie and Jonesy aren't seeing things eye to eye, but when her safety is threatened by an attacker targeting Astral-Projection girls, they put their differences aside. The FDA approved depressant has begun to be administered to the teens for suppression of paranormal abilities during sleep for safety reasons. Or so they've been told. 

Carson and Brett have escalated the violence that they perpetrate and leave Caleb no choice but to reciprocate. After saving the newest member of their group from certain abuse, Caleb knows the bull's-eye is dead center on him. Again. 

Does Caleb use the undead as a weapon of defense while his group hangs in the balance of imminent peril?

Page 11 

Carson moved toward her again and John put her behind him as Brett grabbed Carson's arm. “Not worth it, man. Just take a chunk out of her brother's ass. Hell, she's got five. Pick one,” Brett said in his logic.
Brett-logic was so flawed.
Jade spoke and I died a little as the males from this group trained their eyes on my girl. My beautiful, vulnerable girl.
Listen, let's just...agree to disagree,” she started.
Diego laughed. “Your friend just told us we had no dicks. Not gonna get over it fast, sweetheart.”
I'm sure she didn't mean it,” Jade said weakly.
Tiff snapped her gum. “Totally. Meant. It.”

Page 85 

Now the flames were ten feet high. It was amazing that the neighbors wouldn't call the fire department.
I asked Gramps about that.
“I'll put up that sign again,” he responded.
“What sign, Mr. O’Brien?” Archer asked.
“Mac,” he corrected.
Lewis nodded, waiting.
“Well, my neighbors got a little hot under the collar when they found out I was a believer in home defense. Didn't like all the weaponry I had.”
Lewis frowned and John and Alex smiled. They knew all about Gramps' take on Home Defense.
Establish the arsenal.
Gramps answered, “The sign that says that I respect their passivity and if there was an intruder, I would not use my guns to protect them.”
Archer laughed. “Really?”
Gramps nodded. “It took care of a bunch of their ragging and bitching.”
Archer looked around, taking in the blazing fire and huge lawn.
And he hadn't even been inside the house yet.
“So, let me get this straight. You don't follow any of the mandatory environmental sanctions and when you are called on it, you throw out the sign.”
“Yes. I don't win any popularity contests and neighbor relations are kinda strained...”
I did a mental eye roll. Like he cared...

Page 174 

...Then the Skopamish showed up. Their chests heaving, rotting eyes like dull raisins in their skulls. Their eyes found mine like a witching wand seeking water...




    Clyde curled his mighty hands into fists and strode to the dueling teens. He tore Brett off of Howie and knelt beside him. Howie, every bit of six foot of solid muscle cringed from the nearness of my zombie. And man, did he not look dead. But that didn't matter, he was. 

   Howie knew it. 

   Somewhere deep inside, his humanity had been shaken by something so unnatural, so foreign in its essence, his very being withdrew from it...

Page 24

   He laughed derisively and Bobbi felt Clyde tense as he said, his fists curling in readiness, “You have let your intellect stand testimony before your words and been found wanting.”

   “Huh?” Beefy asked, beating a rhythm with the stick against his open palm.
Bobbi rolled her eyes, clarifying. “He said you're a dumbass.”

   “Roberta...” Clyde warned. She giggled behind him. He hated foul language from a woman.

   “I'm sorry, he brings out the worst in me.”

   “Noted, Dear-Heart,” Clyde said as Beefy gave a roar to defend the size of his inconsequential brain and rushed Clyde...

Page 4

   “May I interject a question on behalf of my client?”

   “That is not usually allowed,” the judge said, his eyes going from me to my attorney.

   “It brings balance to the current question.”

   The judge leaned back in his chair, his bulk making it creak in protest. He steepled his fingers. “It better balance it alright.”

   “Yes, your honor, I think it does.”

   “Approach the witness and ask your question. No,” he paused, looking at the two lawyers like sharks circling each other in a fishbowl, “you tell him the question,” he pointed at Prosecutor, “and he will address the... witness,” he said, indicating Clyde.

   My attorney walked to Toothy, telling him the question and Prosecutor backed up. “No! I will not, it makes no sense.”

   My attorney stared at him until his eyes fell, then he hissed out, “It's relevant and you know it!” Toothy pegged his hands on his skinny hips, then looked at Clyde.

   Finally he asked, “Are you alive?”

   Clyde paused for a heartbeat, two. Then his eyes shifted to a point in the audience. Bobbi Gale. He looked at her when he answered.

   “Oh yes.”

   The courtroom was instantaneously plunged into a vortex of noise and chaos.

   The gavel came down on top of the judge's great wooden desk, over and over again.

   “Order!” he sputtered.

   Clyde's eyes met mine.

   We smiled at each other.

   It was gonna be okay.



The Graysheets remain ominously quiet during the teen's senior year. When tragedy strikes Tiff, her confidence shatters into a million pieces and the group doesn't know how to pick up the scattered mess of her emotional health.

As the control of the Zondorae scientists slips away, they make a final move to swing the balance in their favor, negotiating a future for the paranormals that is so final, a covert group moves to halt the momentum of their control over humanity with Jeffrey Parker as the catalyst.

In a final bid to protect everyone, Caleb discovers he was at the center from the beginning, an unwilling pawn moved on a chess board that no longer exists. Will he have a future of safety and happiness for himself and Jade? Or will the decisions made before the fateful day of inoculation remain to hinder that forever?


  1. It's been great to write...and the mystery element...let's just say, not going to be easy to figure out! :D TY!

  2. I like the cover for Death Speaks.

  3. TY...I'd love to take the credit but it goes to a talented photographic artist that has a thing for cemeteries from the Czech Republic...all his work is awesome. :)

  4. Does Death Screams really come out in a year or is it a typo? Will there be more than 5 books in the series?

  5. "Death Screams" expected release is the January/February 2012 time frame (Available for purchase in about three months).

    Book 4, "Death Weeps," will publish sometime in 2012.

    I have five books planned, with firm plots for each one. It may go past five. At this point, I am certain of five books. I am working on an email feed that will link updated blog info such as upcoming book releases to be posted soon. Watch for an excerpt from "Death Screams" in the next week. Thank you~ =D

  6. I fell in love with Death Whispers! Im not usually a "zombie" reader but this was different and new. My family are big readers and I've highly recommended your books tp them! Now I am searching for book two. I read the first on my nook, but I havent been able to find Death Speaks. I look forward to finding it and reading all your work! I used to write little stories as a teen and you have inspired me to take it up again! Thanks, Jenn.

  7. @Jenn... Hi~! Thanks for the great feedback and referring WHISPERS to others! Book #2 will be available on NOOK at the end of the month. Please email me to work out a way for you to get a copy for your NOOK reader before then if you want. I am so glad that you wish to take up writing again! Everyone who wants to should! I never regretted it...

    You can reach me at: tamararoseblodgett(at)hotmail(dot)com.

    Thanks so much for letting me know :D

    Tamara :)

    1. I just found your death series, on Nook. When will your other books be available for me to get on my Nook? Thanks for the information.

    2. Hi and thanks for writing. The Death Series will be available again for NOOK on November 13.

      Thanks so much for your patience :D


    3. Oh! Yes... BLOOD SINGERS will be back for NOOK on Dec. 7 as well... thanks, Tamara

  8. Thank you for replying! I found the paper version on amazon and cant wait for it to be delivered on wednesday! I already got book 3 for my nook and I'm having a hard time not reading it lol! I really appreciate your nice offer. It will be easier to get my hubby to read the paper version since I hog the nook anyway! Thanks for the encouragement!!
    I'll be sure to let you know how they like your series too!
    Take care!!

  9. Hey Jenn~

    Thanks so much for supporting my writing! Don't read Screams! Haha... wait for Speaks, you'll really dig the progression. If you haven't already, enter to win my contest for the Savage Series so you can try something different for free! Does your hubby read? Awesome... mine gets all my books! He scours the Amazon site each day looking for books. It's better than flowers, I gotta tell ya ;) I hog my Kindle Fire too. Bad monkey, lol! That's okay, the entire fam loves to read so we're Kindle-crazed...

    Thanks again and stay in touch,


  10. Here it is October 10, 2012 and I can't find Death Speaks on the Nook. Real frustration, I really liked Death Whispers and want to continue reading the series. The only thing I can find on the B&N site is the paperback for $20 which is a bit much for my pocket.

    I do my best to read a series in order of publication.

    1. Thanks so much for your support!

      And thanks for taking the time to write. I am currently on the Amazon Select program until November 7 (it requires exclusivity). At that time, the Death Series will be available in its entirety on NOOK and through other retailers. Please feel free to contact me directly to expedite your purchase: tamararoseblodgett(at)hotmail(dot)com.

      Thank you, Tamara

  11. Thank you for your timely response Tamara, I am in the midst of several series books. I will impatiently wait for November 7th.

    I read the Savage Pearl series (what is available) and enjoyed it a great deal as well. Thought I recognized some characters (Travelers) so I picked up Death Whispers.

    1. Lol... okay, here to help! :)

      You thought right! The Travelers (the young group) will be referenced in PROTECTOR (#4) but I have no plans to "marry" the series' again. Look for my cover reveal of THE SAVAGE PROTECTOR, along with the blurb tomorrow.

      Thanks for your great feedback, it made my day :D


  12. really miffed i missed the free ebook on kindle of death speaks i only picked up whispers yesterday and need to read the sequel now :( dont wanna wait till i can buy it

    1. Hi Callum,

      I have random "sales" with fair frequency. Recently the whole series was on sale for Black Friday; .99 cents each, for example. Currently, there are three different bloggers running a contest to win the entire Death Series for free, in either eVersion of signed paperback. You may enter HERE:

      Or one of the three bloggers listed below:

      Thanks for reading and enjoying my work! Tamara

  13. Hey, just letting you know that your deaths series 1-3 pack has bad font colouring. Im running the droid kindle app and nightmode has black font on a black background. Downloaded the pack about 30 minutes ago.

    1. Hi and thanks for downloading the Death bundle!

      I have recently become aware that some readers who choose a black background might have trouble reading the text of my novels, which all have fixed font in black, a default font color. I'm actively reformatting for the select reader who may prefer to customize their eReading device. Thanks so much for letting me know and I appreciate your patience as I work through this update~ Tamara :)

  14. I found your Savage series on Kindle, read through it in three days (being sick does have advantages), and I had to have your other books! I am loving the Death Series and ****SPOILERS**** how I know these teens from the other world. Your characters are so engaging!

    1. Hi and thanks so much for your feedback! Readers are really enjoying the bundles as they allow a reader to get a real "feel" for the series as a body of work :) That's great news that you like the teens! They grow on ya, eh? lol. Thanks for supporting my work!


  15. I am addicted to your Death series! I read the first three in the last week! Lets just say between work and my two year old, there have been a lot of sleep deprived nights just so I could get my reading fix in ;) I'm off to buy book 4 now. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing books with us!

    1. Hey Brandy and thanks so much for your comment! I remember reading saved my sanity when my boys were little :) (it still does! lol) You're welcome but it's readers like you that I'm thankful for.

      Take care, Tamara

  16. Hi, your Death Series was just amazing. I read it twice now and could see myself reading it over and over. I felt like I was an outsider looking in but included in every way. It was sad to read the last book because i wanted more. Is there a way to find out what happed to the rest of the gang. As wierd as it sounds i would like to know what happened to my friends. lol. P.S i do have a normal life, just like to escape it every once in a while!!

    1. I love to escape through reading too! *totally* understand ;)

      Thanks so much for your precious words about Death; totally makes my week! I love that you feel like a voyeur during the reading, that's what I'm going for.... I did feel, as an artist, there should be a stopping point where Death is still "strong, engaging and fun." UNREQUITED was it for me. But I'll tell you, I am receiving a lot of feedback from readers about More Death. So, I'm happy to say (and will announce shortly) that I do have plans for a spin-off for 2014. I'm pretty sure there will be 3 books in that series and it will feature some of the same characters but will focus primarily on new ones. It'll be Death... but different. I hope this helps....

      Take care and again, thank you for your thoughts :)


    2. I really hope you do a spin off of death! Will you touch base with the main characters of Death to let us know what happened to them! I just finished the series and I am in love with it! It was amazing! Please keep us updated on the spin off!

    3. Hi and thanks for writing :) I'm thrilled you dug Death. I do plan a spin-off for 2014 and it will most likely be a trilogy. I am currently working on the cover with my artist right now. Watch for a cover reveal and synopsis. The following characters will definitely be involved: Clyde, Gramps and Paxton. Thanks so much, it means the world to me that readers enjoy my stories then take the time to let me know :D

    4. Yay, I can't wait! I will definitely keep my eyes open for it! Also, thank you for writing back! I think it is awesome you take time out to respond to everyone. We ask so much of you, but you still take the time out of your day to make sure everyones questions and comments are answered. Thank you!

    5. You're welcome! I'll never forget my readers. After all, there's no joy in writing a book if it's not read.... I'll keep the updates coming :)

  17. Hi I picked up your death series bundle 1-3 on really enjoyed myself and would like to complete the set. Just wondering if your going to put books 4-6 into a bundle?

    1. Hi and thanks so much for reading Death and letting me know your thoughts. At this time, I don't have a plan for that but the reason the bundle exists with the first three books is because readers asked for it! So, I am listening, you never know....

      Take care and thank you so much for your support! :D


    2. OK thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I will be honest I now hope loads of people now write in to ask :-) I prefer omnibus editions of ebooks as I have over 100 books on my kindle app yet no way to place in series order.
      Anyway keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more books from you.

    3. Lol... I hear that. That's how I read Hugh Howey's WOOL; an omnibus. It's all trial and error right now. Like I mentioned, readers were the ones that made me consider the first bundle, now I'll have to wait it out and determine what the plan is for a second, if at all. I won't even say how many books I have on my FIRE, it's too embarrassing... ;)

      Take care, Tamara

  18. Hello, I just stumpled across your books... got books nr. 1-3 free from Amazon and from the first page i was drawn in. The series doesn't have a wiki do they? I'm sometimes confused how this pulse is supposed to work... like a microchip in the brain?

    1. Hi Snorri and sorry for the late reply! I am currently working on the development of Wiki pages for both author names and some of the hi-tech works that I've written. It's a consuming process, but an important one. Thanks so much for reading Death and for sharing your thoughts! :D

  19. I was just wondering if your last three books to this series is going to go onto the Kobo e-Reader? I have the first three and have enjoyed them immensely and would love to reader the last books on my e-Reader. I do not own a Kindle e-Reader nor do I plan on purchasing one just so I can read these books. Please make them available for the Kobo e-Reader.

    1. Hi Kellie-May and thanks for reading Death! I'm not absolutely certain, but it's my understanding that you can download the Kindle ap for free, then use it on a multitude of different devices. My catalog will be exclusive to Amazon through May. Thank you for your patience and writing~