BLOOD SONG for .99 cents; Limited Time!

Hi Readers! I've been cruising the Kindle Countdown Deal highway and now it's Blood's turn ;)

Never before discounted! A buck for Blood! Download your copy for .99 cents for a brief time. This is a graduated discount week that continues to climb to regular price. Get your copy now to score the deepest price cut!

Download BLOOD SONG for .99cents!

Download book #1, BLOOD SINGERS, for FREE!


  1. Can you please put this in Barnes and noble not the paperback but the nook book. I love your books and would love to finish reading the series so please comment soon if you'll do it or not. Thanks !

    1. HI Yashira and thanks for writing. Yes, if you can believe this, I just put BLOOD SONG up at B&N tonight! It should be "live" in the next 24 hours. You can check for a live update here:

      In addition, book #4 will be available for preorder at NOOK sometime in the next week and releases June 27 :)



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