THE SAVAGE PROTECTOR Available for Download!

Book Five: The Savage Protector, available for Download:


Updates: As some of you who might keep up on my shenanigans know, I am currently reading through BLOOD CHOSEN, book #3 of the Blood Series to begin writing BLOOD REIGN for release on June 27.  This title is available for preorder HERE.

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Finally, thank you so much Readers! Your support is a fantastic reward in my life, I'm motivated to write in large part because of you, thank you!


  1. I went to order this book this morning from Barnsandnoble but they did not have it so I was just wondering if it was only available on Amazon or what.

    1. Yes. This book is exclusive to Amazon through May 22. Look for TSP after this date on both iBooks and B&N. Thank you for your patience :)


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