Where Oh Where is my THE SAVAGE PROTECTOR Teaser? Well... Right Here!

What in the big blue ball we live on is happening? Why is TRB such a Primo Flake about getting out those Terribly Tortuous Teasers out on Time?

I'm getting swept away peeps!

Feb's schedule is a torture chamber inside the writing cave!

I've definitely bit off more than I can gnaw on... but, the light's at the end of the tunnel and I have some awesome dates to pin your one-clicks on~

THE SAVAGE PROTECTOR is getting later but better! How's that...? Well it's being polished while I finish writing on THE REFLECTIVE, which is due to rough draft wrap Thursday. (Yes, there's a reason for the fiendish pace but can't share at the moment...)

What else am I doing beside writing 6K words a day (yeah, you heard that right).
I'm not but my alter ego is
doing a lot of this....
with my new adult dark romance serial, THE TOKEN 4.


I have a new, CAST-in-CONCRETE release dates for a few titles:
BLOOD REIGN, coming June 27, 2014, in paperback, with the ePreorder link coming this week!

Yeah. Order early and snag your copy now so it'll post to your Kindle the instant it comes "live."
Watch for the preorder link for 
Coming this week!

I'm in love with my own work on PROTECTOR guys and I know that has a creep factor, but honestly, it's book #5 and stuff has happened that I personally dig coming to fruition.

Cool Beans.
Read on....

Charles made a noise deep in his throat. “Get out. You are not wise, but a crude oaf.”

Matthew nodded. “That is what you choose to see.”

He backed out of the room and quietly shut the door.

Matthew continued to grip the handle until it squeaked beneath his hand, his forehead against the wood.

It had been so difficult not to pound Charles' sanctimonious face into a bloody pulp.

Matthew could feel Clara behind him and turned, taking her into his arms smoothly. “That was a brave show you put on for Charles.”

Clara nodded. It had exhausted her. “It helps that he does not care for me as he once did.”

Matthew lifted her chin with his finger, studying her thoroughly. “Aye, but even with all that he has done, you still do.”

She nodded.

“Once you give your heart, it is forever.”

Clara smiled through her sadness. It was the truest thing about her. A terrible strength. A crippling weakness.

The paradox of fools.


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