Hi Readers! As many of you know, I've been diligently reading through PROTECTOR, book number five of The Savage Series in preparation for turning the rough draft in for edits...

I think it's high time to offer another teaser. This small passage gave me emotional whiplash and I was hoping to cause a similar accident with you guys....

.... Every fiber of her being begged for her to be strong, that she still needed to be autonomous of others, that- of course- no male could ever be trusted to take care of her. They had proved, every single one Calia had ever known- that they would hurt her.

Harsh, softly barking sounds of grief broke away from her body, tears landing on food she could not eat.

Philip had had enough.

He strode around the table and reacted on pure instinct, something he should have from the beginning.

He reached around and jerked Calia up from the seat as tears streamed down her face.

“I am so tired, Philip,” she whispered and his eyes ran down the length of her thin body, so war torn with its small litter of scars that spoke of her trials. A body so thin he could count every rib. Her eyes were so ghosted by living in years of fear they held that edge of vacant hunger...

That he was determined to ease-- with his love....

I just like the pic above guys... it doesn't mean anything! lol. So random, I know... that's kinda the way I roll.

When is PROTECTOR coming out? Well I know you guys want to know because I get hits like:

Pre-order TSP
Release date for TSP

And a bunch of other variables of that theme.

So the best I can say is around mid- February.

Another little update is the image you see above is undergoing a small facelift. I've recently hired a font artist and she doing the roto-rooter ( in a good way, guys) to all my titles. 

Font that pops
can make a difference.

Taking a good cover

To a GREAT cover!

Watch for more updates here. About the release date for PROTECTOR along with new excerpts for my brand new dark adult fantasy: THE REFLECTIVE. (TR has a tentative release date of March 28.)


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