Hi Readers, here's another teaser as PROTECTOR continues to wind toward a taut ending. There's a lot going on so those of you that dig the Blood series will be kept on your toes!

Check out this excerpt taken from a scene I wrote a couple days ago.

“Do not think of postponing our joining,” Matthew said, pressing a soft kiss under the silken flesh of her ear and Clara shivered, Matthew's body responding to the delicate trembling of her need that matched his own. “It will always be tumultuous, ruling this many, with the climate of this new world changing all around us. It is I who wishes to hold the burden alongside you. It should not be your struggle alone.” 

Matthew kissed Clara again, moving her hair with his large hand, he began to kiss a trail like a necklace of invisible pearls across where the top of her neckline met the swell of her neck. She groaned as he swung her around and took her mouth.

The invitation fluttered to the ground as Matthew assaulted her worries with his lips and stole the sounds of Clara's passion from her mouth.

Her hands wound around his neck, but not tied there for his height precluded it. Clara lifted her mouth from his and dove back, dotting a solid kiss on his full lips. “You are right.”

“I hear hesitation,” Matthew said, licking under her jaw with alternating pecks and small nips that caused her breath to come faster and his hands went to her narrow ribcage. He held Clara still while he worked back and forth under that delicate line that ended with her chin.

Clara just nodded, unable to speak as her head tipped back to give him better access. His kisses felt like the silken wings of butterflies, soft, insistent-- perfect. They made a physical longing take up residence inside her and Clara could not contain what she did next, a half climb of one leg against the outside of his hip, her skirt falling away. Matthew never paused, taking the leg that rode his thigh and lifting her up with a palm at her behind, as her other leg wound itself around his back.

“Clara,” he inhaled sharply. “You make it so I cannot wait for the joining.” Or think, he added to himself.

Clara gave a soft chuckle into his mouth, grabbing his smooth face, his dark gold hair swinging forward like a curtain to shroud their passion. “I know,” she replied and moved to his mouth again....


I have a big twist for PROTECTOR in the works but I won't lie, Matthew and Clara will be joined in this work, with a few other couples in the mix and the Fragment and neighboring spheres causing all kinds of interesting occurrences... as usual.

When PROTECTOR wraps I'll begin on THE REFLECTIVE for a March release, then on to the first book of the Death Trilogy with BLOOD REIGN thrown into the mix. It's a busy year for 2014!



  1. You're killin' me, Smalls! I so can not wait for this!

    1. I'm hoping everyone is okay with the feistier Clara and all the new characters! I'm especially crazy for Adahy and his new love in this one... so many fun twists! :) ty Kat!

  2. I prefer my heroines to be feisty!

    1. I don't always but I have to admit, I'm not really in charge! The characters drag me around and tell me what they want... sadly, I'm just the vehicle! lol ;) Happy holidays!

  3. Catching up on this too. :D I'm so excited to dive back into this world!!!


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