Thursday Teaser Torture! THE SAVAGE PROTECTOR....

Hi Readers! I'm marking the moment here... TSP is at 50% and I'll be tipping over the halfway mark today. I think it's high time I offer a little teaser to whet the whistle of Savage lovers...
Heavy Duty Guys ;)


Clara burst into the throne room, Olive at her heels and was shocked to see Charles rise from the right hand of King Otto.

“Clara!” Charles exclaimed loudly, many expressions alight in his face. The one she wished to see most was there as well. Thank Guardian.

King Otto stood, wrinkling his nose, no doubt as to her unseemly attire, smell and entry. “Clara,” he said, his brows slowly rising and Clara seethed at the sight of her father's crown atop his head.

“You insufferable beetle,” Clara hissed, striding forward at her own peril, she climbed the dais before she was aware of it, striking the jowly king across the face and tearing off her father's crown an instant after her palm fell.

He was so shocked by her behavior he spluttered about for a response.

“Do not bother with a worthy rebuttal or otherwise. You shall be escorted forthwith and expunged from my sphere this moment.”

Clara looked at Charles and he called out, “Guards!” They had been at the western exit and not seen or heard her entry. Sometimes Clara lamented the improper sound penetration afforded because of the dense wood of the doors....


Remember how some of you weren't sure if Clara could bring it? If she had the mettle?

Yeah. Put that all to rest... she sure does. lol


Tears of joy are never weak, but the strongest ones of all....

*Still on track for a stellar finish by Dec. 30 to keep my January 20, 2014 deadline! I no longer have tickers but check at the Savage page to keep up with my progress...

Thank you xo



  1. I can't wait!!!!! Btw, who's the model above, for Clara? She's beautiful!

    1. Hey Kat! Yes, I really liked the look of the model and she's very close to how I envision Clara. I can't wait for you to read how feisty she's become in TSP! Check out my most recent excerpt and stay tuned for the new one I'll post this Tuesday... ty! <3


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