*Real Time* Readers! A FRESH Look at THE SAVAGE PROTECTOR....

Ooh... baby! I be working on the newest Savage and it's already full to the brim with intrigue and dark plans...

Plans of subterfuge, hierarchy and villains...


Queen Clara has chosen her future king but as the Wedded Joining draws nearer, the Kingdom of Kentucky's sphere continues to degrade. Relations with Outside are non-existent and the beleaguered people housed within the confines of the kingdom will soon be loosed to join the fragment.

Calia and Evie join forces to escape the plan that Edwin has for Calia's future. Frantic to locate the women, Maddoc, Jonathan, Philip and Daniel allign to cinch the net of safety around the pair before it's too late.

Calia doesn't long for a future where a male is the answer. However, when biology and destiny collide, she will find the choice that she wants the least, may be the correct one.

Will Calia be allowed to remain true to herself by protecting those she has vowed to defend? Can she overcome her past and be healed by the love of her one, true soulmate?


*baby* Teaser

Bracus was joined by Philip, Maddoc, Daniel and that foppish Charles. They stood together now, the ornately carved chairs scraping across a floor worn from thousands of meals taken together at this very table, almost twenty feet in length.

Edwin scanned the faces of the men, all were brutal and unforgiving, filled with the tightness of concern. Edwin imagined a looking glass would reflect back what he observed in theirs'. It was Philip's face that showed the most anxiety, the planes and angles like razors of flesh, his worry no longer etched like a sword of indifference on his features, but one of acute regard for the safety of a female who alluded him....



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