SEVEN YEARS... Dannika Dark Does it Again!

Hi guys, I usually don't have time to promo other fantastic writers like I ought to, want to or can, but I've made the time for this one! Mageri is Magnificent and book #5 will be out to titillate all of us that dig that brand of dark urban fantasy that Dark brings to the table.

But what about her lighter side?

You ever have an author where what they write seems to magically connect with exactly what you want to read? Well-- Dark fills the bill for me.

SEVEN YEARS is no different and I gave it a solid 4 out of 5 stars. What? I'm not a raving lunatic and think I've fallen in love all over again. No. SEVEN is awesomesauce and I loved that it's not really like Mageri. It is not as dark. Now, I know it's going to really work for a lot of peeps that want to see Dark's lighter side. For me, a five star read almost always has to be super-dark to work. 
SEVEN still works guys. 
Less Dark.
More romantic.
Hottest book cover this side of the moon.
Different themes than Mageri but still with that enigmatic "Dark" writing style. (We don't know what it is, but we like it!)
I'm going to buy whatever book comes next.
Even if it's a math text.
'Cuz Dark writes it.
Got it?

Try it!


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