Hi Readers! Normally, I'd do a little vlog about now and Go On! However, there is no time because I'm going to the Houston Book Rave:

What does this gif have to do with Texas or the Book Rave? Ah... nothing. I just dig her and probably that's about my excitement level! LOL- though I don't know if I'd look *quite* as good as her jumping around... ;)

Happy Halloween Guys!
Felicidad de muertos de dia, tambien!

That's right! I'll be wearing a special something for you Day of the Dead fanatics while down in Houston! Diggin' it!

I'm about halfway through reading THE SAVAGE VENGEANCE in preparation for writing:
Coming January 20, 2014!
(That's right, I finally have a date. I've committed to the editing schedule so no turning back!)
While reading through today I found that part of VENGEANCE where I intermingle my Death Series installment, DEATH WEEPS with THE SAVAGE VENGEANCE and thought I'd offer this teaser for those who are unfamiliar with these works.

Check it out!

The zombie of the fragment looked at his former leader, the hilt of a dirk glowing softly out of the deepest cavity of his body and thoughts like jagged pieces of glass coalesced in a brain that was not formed for high reasoning. But there was a basest sludge that recognized two things: he had never liked his former leader.

Tucker, the name rose to the surface of the slow-moving pond of his mind.

And there was one that he had a connection to that was so powerful his being felt bound by steel ropes to his mind, his will.

His face turned to the Master, eyes rolling wetly in his skull, plums of black encased in flesh gone soft with rot....


Will I mingle series again?
Not these!
But maybe, THE REFLECTIVE will travel to these parallel worlds because, after all- that's what they do! 

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Chat soon... ta-ta for now!

xo Tamara


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