Squeezing the Blood Out of this Turnip with Another Tantalizing CHOSEN Teaser!

Hi guys. As many of you might be aware, writing is better than therapy! I write all the issues out and make my characters solve everything.... right?


They're as complicated as real life people so they just make more of a mess of things. Take BLOOD CHOSEN for instance *waggles brows*:
I just love what my cover artist (watch for the plug guys), Claudia from Phatpuppy has done with this. Notice how solitary and bold the artwork is. Note also the blood red coloring in the vine and the title.

Oooh and ahh. 

Okay, I'll stop my viral pet of the cover and move on to updates:

First! CHOSEN will pub in September, I promise. I will be doing quite a bit of writing while sailing on the Big Boat....

I hate the idea of taking in these sights in between writing about blood-thirsty supernatural groups but somebody has to....

Watch for the Big Blood Bash Giveaway to commence sometime in September! What do ya get? Well FREE LOOT guys! Of course. And, now that I know how many purse sluts there are out there *delicately clears throat* I will then add a BRAND new Guess purse to the mix! That's right! I'll have all three Blood paperbacks, author swag and a beautiful Guess purse. I'd love to offer a Red purse but we'll have to see what captures my fickle fancy! ;)

Now you Boy Readers! Don't despair. I think I *might* be able to come up with a substitution... like a leather man or something? I think I can switch gears and think like a man for about... three and a half seconds. Or... you can give your lucky female something cute and steal the books? Uh-huh.

And NOW! Check out the latest teaser Readers! And here's the secret; Blood is for people that are nosey parkers and want to be in a lot of the character's heads. Head-hopping abounds! I've introduced even more characters and hope to flesh out additional story lines for more dissection in the next installment... what? There's going to be more Blood. Well... yeah! lol.


“So what? Vamps are just cool now...?” Scott asked. “Correct me if I'm wrong... father. But, didn't we just have a vampire barbecue out in the back yard?”

“We did,” Michael enthused, dragging a lollipop in an out of his mouth, a red stain like blood appearing and disappearing as he worked the red orb over.

Julia sighed, but she held Scott's hand, and just that small gesture made her more calm, less agitated. She tried not to stare at the newest part of the triangle that they would become, but it was almost impossible.

Delilah was reclining on a fainting couch in the parlor as if in repast. However, she was alert, her eyes moving endlessly over the people that packed the small room, made even tinier by their cloistered presence.

“Do not disparage me, your own kin know why I've come,” she said, partially answering both brothers. Julia didn't know how she did it, that bored tone. She wished she was as adept at emulating boredom.

Jacqueline nodded. “Is it not interesting....”

“No,” Adi replied.

“Nothing you say is interesting, it's all lame as hell,” Michael finished.

Jacqueline looked at them like they were bugs to be squished.

“Enough.” Marcus looked at his two children. “Jacqueline will pay for her crime against Julia.”

“The attempted murder,” Truman corrected and Julia gave him a look. He narrowed his eyes on Marcus. “Where I come from, poisoning someone is immediate grounds for jail time.”

Marcus looked at Truman, then at Jacqueline. “It is more complicated than that, Wolf.”

“Seems simple to me,” Truman commented and Julia gave a small smile. He didn't look like Truman anymore, but he sounded so much like him it made Julia's heart ache for Alaska- her past. Karl Truman, the hard-nosed cop from Homer, had survived the change with who he was- intact.

“Jacqueline is of royal blood,” Marcus began to explain.

“And a bunch of other shit too,” Adi said and Slash hid a smile with his hand....


Oh boy! Look how the tide has turned? What are some of our villains to do with all the forces standing in the way of their scheming? And who is missing from this scene? Who is new? 

I understand that I'm a naughty author who teases. I get that. And I apologize about my compulsion to make good on offering teasers.... of course, I'm very consistent and will be offering more still!

Thank you, Tamara


  1. Can't wait for book 3 to come out!! Excellent series! Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks so much Bethany :D I love my readers, it makes working such a pleasure~


  2. I'm dying for a TRB fix, this teaser will hold me over for a bit, but I can't wait to get my hands on Chosen!

    1. Ahh... thank you, my friend! I love this part of writing the book; it's all downhill from here!



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