A Bloody Teaser from CHOSEN!

Oh Jacqueline... how we loathe you. Oh Jacqueline, how perfect you are for Tony!

*The following excerpt is for a mature readership

“Do we have an understanding, dog?” she inquired in a light mocking tone.

Tony nodded. His reaction was all yes... but within those eyes something very like hate and plotting lurked. Jacqueline knew that their alliance would be tenuous at best... at worst- she would die by his hand.

She straightened. “Let us come to terms then.”

“You fucking kicked my nuts around my ears, lady... I think it'll be a minute before I can manage moving.”

Jacqueline's lips curled. “As you were then.”

She walked off as the eyes of someone who wished her the finest degree of harm followed Jacqueline into the shadow of the trees....

I have a gigantic twist in CHOSEN that just came to life and I can't believe it myself. Even for me; it stretches plausibility... yet, it makes sense. I love to shed light on The Demented in my work and we will find out more about the transgressions of Tony's past in this novel....

Hang on to your seats guys, it'll be a wild one!


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