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Hi Readers. You all have been very patient since I announced I have a pen name and an entire catalog of different books, including ATL, which changed the direction of my career.

Normally, by this time after my latest release on March 1, (The Savage Principle)... I'd have a ticker on the blog for my next dark fantasy work. For the uninitiated (which was myself before clever readers told me what I was writing;) Dark Fantasy is a sub-genre of horror. Don't think TRB works are horror?

They kind of are! I did a little internet gif hunt and found this handy example of what plays in my head when I'm writing the Savage battle scenes. It was such a good representation I thought I'd share it. Gory, right? Yes. That brings me to another somewhat random point that all my work is now new adult. What's that? Well, it's that gray area of maturation between the ages of roughly 18- 25. Authors needed this genre placement-- badly.

I love to rotate my work. And until last month, it was known only to me. I would write on a Marata Eros work while simultaneously writing on a TRB work. My ME work has been primarily novella-length: 20-25K and TRB novels were 70-100K. This went very smoothly. Then ATL came on the scene and blew up

Since then I've finished the companion novel to ATL: A Brutal Tenderness
It is now time for a TRB release and since the Death series is now complete....
I have four installments for Savage (with two more installments planned) and two for Blood so the obvious choice is a third installment for Blood. It's been since last September that BLOOD SONG was released and I've recently begun writing BLOOD CHOSEN, book #3.
To those of you that aren't familiar with my Blood series, it's basically a book about a supernatural sect of human beings, who because of their special blood are much coveted by the Were, Vampire and... yet to be divulged non-human species'. I really have a handle on book #3 and for the first time, I sort of know what will happen in this work.... and believe me, it is NOT what you expect!

For future reference, usually, when I release a TRB title, I will then release a ME title next or the reverse. A BRUTAL TENDERNESS is finished and ready for edits.

And now I'm working on a yet to be revealed new adult romantic suspense under ME and CHOSEN under TRB. Please stay tuned as I reveal the new details of the coming year, a more definitive/updated publishing schedule and other exciting news.
Tentative Pub schedule:

Butterflies are significant in this dark fantasy work featuring a young woman with powerful latent supernatural talent who is ostracized by her own people... I can barely stand not to write this dark fantasy piece... but it must wait until CHOSEN wraps....




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