Happy Birthday Indie Bash! GINORMOUS Sale/Savage Signed Paperback Giveaway

Hey Readers... I just wanted to say thank you in a tangible way! March 30, 2013 is exactly two years since I pressed the "publish" button for DEATH WHISPERS and since then, we've come a long way together.... and I appreciate each and every one of you.

Join me tomorrow for a slice of viral birthday cake and enjoy deep discounts of *blood*death* and all the savagery you can stomach for one day only! Let's celebrate together...
Click the links below for the entire TRB catalog at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble:

You can't get fat at all-- I promise!
Splurge tomorrow and save~


Enter to win a four-book SAVAGE signed paperback giveaway at the following bloggers:
A Book Vacation
Tome Tender
Contagious Reads

Thanks everyone, you've made this a great two years... with many more to come....


  1. Congrats lady!!! I love your books!!
    Happy Birthday/Anniversary!!

  2. Hey Kat! Thanks for your great feedback! Here's to more candles on that cake.... <3

  3. Could I have a virtual slice instead of viral? ;)

    1. No... lol. Good Lord... stop being my editor or no cake for you LOL ;) <3


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