The Savage Principle: Passage, Updates, News!

Hi Readers, TSP is a bit ahead of schedule and barring any weirdness, I see an early release!

 PRINCIPLE now available on NOOK

I'm tearing through my final read through today and tomorrow and when I came upon this passage I wanted to share it with you all~

Rolland took Rowenna's hand and they swam deeply. They swam so far beneath the cool blanket of the ocean that when they swirled in the water to look back at the surface, their backs to the ocean floor, the sun was but a dim ball of opaque fire, viewed as through a glass, darkly.



I see this publishing around the 26-27 of this month and will have the renumbering of VENGEANCE done as well. With PRINCIPLE now being #3 and VENGEANCE becoming #4. PROTECTOR will be #5 and I DO have a #6 planned with a cover reveal and synopsis scheduled for when PROTECTOR is released in late spring. I do also plan to bundle the Savages as I've done with Death. For those of you that fancy bundles this is terrific news. I'd like to thank all my Savage readers for having the patience necessary to wait from last April until now for a new Savage release! 


  1. Thanks for the update! I picked up Pearl as a free kindle book some months back. Read it and loved it! I recently picked up a Death boxed set as a suggestion based on Pearl. Loved Death 1-3 so much I grabbed the rest!
    Now I am going to continue my journey with Clara and the Band. Thanks so much for these!

    1. Hi Kat! Sorry I missed this... thanks so much for your support. :D


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