Excerpt from PRINCIPLE!

Hi Readers, looks like PRINCIPLE will wrap today or tomorrow and what a wild ride it's been! I've tied in small details some of you Savvy Savages are going to dance over and added a few bad guys that won't surprise anyone.... with a mind-blowing twist! Want to know why? Because I didn't even know right away then BAM! Right between the eyes and I was like- What? How? Argh! *magnificent* Wrote it in~ It's been splendid!

Written February 6

“You are neither truly female or male, a foot in both worlds, a part of none...” Beatrice trilled with venomous spite lacing every syllable she spit out like well-timed barbs.

“That is enough, Bea,” Jared said.

“It is not near enough,” Beatrice seethed, her hatred for Rowenna in her eyes, in the tension which sang through her body. “She of the purest select, couples with a male of the sphere, spreading her knees to carry his seed,” she said, her fist punching her open palm in a meaty thwack to punctuate her point and Rowenna felt Rolland flinch and was more embarrassed than she had ever been. For she knew the truth and it be worse than the lie.

Harland surprised all when he came forward, his fists clenched and every male of the Band tensed when the new half-blood sentry approached the female, a pregnant female at that. She drew back as he came nearer, his forward steps matching her backward, Jared following Harland.

“You will not speak to Rowenna that way,” he said in a low voice of rage....


I don't think it's possible to hate characters that you write... then again... lol~

**Update: PRINCIPLE is finished! As of today, I have the rough draft complete and go to work on the initial read through tomorrow.....


  1. Im a bit confused, on amazon it says this is the 3rd book but it also says its released date was after that of the 4th.

    1. Sorry about that confusion, Laura! I have renumbered both the Death and Savage series as the prequels are too "spoiler-ish" to truly be the first books... so they are now where they need to be :) Sorry about the delay, I missed this message! :D


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