Jonesy Being Him in UNREQUITED DEATH....

New adult/mature YA content
Unedited and spolier free!

It was a rooster.

Just then, the Js rolled up to the front door. And the birds, instead of acting like live birds and getting out of the way stood there staring at the approaching car and stayed.

Jonesy plowed over one, feathers and chicken zombie guts getting in the spokes of his wheels like plaque in teeth.

He'd be flossing that out of there for forever, I thought, my gaze coming to rest on the chickens standing like feathered sentinels in my zombie's yard.

Wow... just wow.

Jonesy cranked open his door and gave a look of profound disgust. “What is this trumped up shit, Hart?” He looked at me like I'd lost my mind. “I mean, what?” he began, flailing his hands around as John came around the grill of the car to inspect the entrails now wrapped in the grill and tire wells.

“You've been done with probation for three and a half seconds and you raise goddamned chickens?” he asked incredulously.

John clucked at me, “I expected more, really,” he said with a small Mona Lisa smile. Straightening, he plucked a feather out of the grill and sent it flying like a small spear into the air. It stabbed the ground directly in front of the original chicken... that I now knew was a rooster.

“Hey look, Terran,” Jonesy began and waggled his eyebrows and John frowned. We both knew something inappropriate was going to happen but Jonesy was too unpredictable to fathom so we waited for the bomb to drop.

It was like the sun rising, it was going to happen.

“You got a cock in your front yard!” he yelled into the still neighborhood, bent over at the waist and laughing until tears streamed out of his eyes at the lone rooster surrounded by hens....


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