Pieces of Death! UNREQUITED... speaks~

Hi Readers! 
I know most of you might not realize that my tab: Voices in My Head, has a lot of little snippets of future works jotted down. Random teasers!

Here's one from UNREQUITED DEATH, my final installment in the Death Series, to be released on December 31, 2012:

Gramps shook his head slightly, the smoke from his cigarette making a loose spiral around his head, wrench in hand. He used it to punctuate his point, "You Zondoraes...,"  he looked Gary over with disdain, pointing the wrench at his chest, who was currently getting the love squeeze from one of my hastily raised zombies, "are really slow learners. Now," he took a drag, holding the thing like a joint and squinted through the wall of cigarette smoke, "but I got the cure for that."

Gramps looked at the zombie holding Gary and then leaned in real close. His low voice holding more menace than a loud one ever could have, "Tell me where the girl is or I'll start with your toenails."

Gary gave a hard swallow then shifted his eyes to mine. "Come on! This isn't right! You can't let this... thug of a grandpa have at my body parts because we got... zealous with a female..."

Actually, I so could. I put my nose an inch from his. "There's no 'letting' on this one Zondorae. It's more like, me not interfering with his excellence."

Gramps and I looked at each other and he stepped forward, crushing the cig under his foot casually. He stepped over it and swung the wrench high, the sun glinted off the thing as it arced downward.

My zombie didn't flinch when it hit....


  1. Every once in a while, I stumble upon an author that I can inhale their writing, You are one such writer!
    I love your books  I normally like a more adult themed story, along the same lines as you write, but steamier more erotic, however I happen to find your YA romances believable, and while chaste, the story line tends to make up for the sexual content.
    So far I have read all your books available on Amazon, currently waiting for the next book in the Death series, and the next one in the Blood Singer series!
    Keep up the pace, or I will soon be out of books to read!
    Sharon Osagie

  2. Hi Sharon and thanks for your kind post and your support of my work =)

    I have listened to my readers! After enough feedback to be certain I have decided to progress my work into the New Adult arena. This will allow growth for me as an author. My works have become progressively more mature by default simply because the characters in the story age. As I begin THE REFLECTIVE, THE SAVAGE PROTECTOR & BLOOD CHOSEN (and certainly UNREQUITED) those and future releases will all be young adult mature/new adult. You may get the "steam" you were looking for ;) In truth, the story predicates the maturity level and I find myself "growing up." I hope readers will be okay with the more mature me... :D

    Take care and thank you Sharon~



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