Tamara Rose Rambles: August Vlog


  1. Just have to say that eating those eggs are definitely working for you, you look great!

    Dannika does need to write faster, but I looking at the 176 days on the counter for THE REFLECTIVE here :D!

  2. My house finally got quiet enough to watch this!!! Loved it. The new Vincent Boys is longer now too. She added in more scenes. I think from her new description it is now firmly in New Adult and bordering on Adult. :D I loved her Sea Breeze series. Because of Low and While it Lasts were even better than the Vincent Boys. Meanwhile, my mom is finally reading Weeps. I still haven't broken it to her that Unrequited is the LAST book. I'm so happy for you and SONG was Amazing and I am not just saying that as a superfan. I'm saying that as a reader. <3 ya!

  3. I understand not having a quiet house! lol... I adored THE VINCENT BOYS and had to blab about that! I really enjoy books written in the New Adult genre too. Your mom? Wow! Awesome, ty! UNREQUITED should wrap things up well and it's my wish to end the series while it still reads fresh. I know, I love ya, you know that~

    @Beth... the eggs *gag* I'm on to peanut butter again! Hail the Peanut! Thank you, though :D I know: I bug Ms. Dark about her work and here I am with two tickers going- lol. I will begin a simultaneous write around October 1. I'm not sure which books though! The Creative Slide... it's a slippery slope baby! ;) ttys, my Beth :)


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