*Real Time* Readers! SONG is Singing!

It's time Readers! This is the part of my book when the story rolls down the hill of completion like a delicious spiral. I am currently writing the last third of SONG and everything is coming together seamlessly. Super-excited and I wanted to share the finish of my chapter I wrote yesterday below. 

Written Aug. 16

Julia was aware of Cyn screaming behind her, the flap of bird's wings were sounding a roar in her ears, warm fur pressed against her body, muscled arms hauled her against a massive body and all the while the glitter fell over her like a shroud.

Of snow.

Blown by a mouth so red it looked like blood.

Julia closed her eyes.

And slept.

While her protectors wept.


  1. I Can't Wait! But darn, that doesn't sound so good for Julia...

  2. Haha... you know how it is: Chick in Peril. I dig that angle, <3 ya Beth~


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