Tamara Rose Rambles- July Vlog

A TREMENDOUS thanks to my Bodacious Betas. You guys improve my life, thank you~ :D


  1. Love your excitement over Clyde :D!

    Prince of Wolves was pretty awesome book, great series! Impulse is the next book in the Dannika Dark Mageri series...no release date yet thought. Maybe I should write her and ask her to write faster LOL!

    Just wanted to let you know your blog is great and so real. You are the B E S T ! Just gotta tell me where you got your new bag...

  2. I finally set down and watched this!!! I loved it! Thanks so much for doing this!

  3. It's very cool to see these Vlogs, Tamara. Keep 'em coming. Have a great week! *waves*

  4. Thanks, Jimmy. I always fight doing them (lol) but I've received good responses and the connection to my readers has been great :D Take care, Tamara

  5. It's nice to "see" you in the Vlog and hear your latest adventures in writing ♥



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