*real time* Readers! A Song in My BLOOD here!

Written today: click HERE for today's passage~

Coming September 28!

Written today: click HERE for today's passage~

Page 11

   His gaze pierced them like steel laser beams that tore the skin aside, seeking marrow. “Her blood is a chorus of voices that sing to my soul.” William locked gazes with the leader of his kiss.

  “I will never be in harmony as long as she is not with me....”


  1. What a great line!

    I love the cover. It's gorgeous.

  2. Thank you, Andrea, you've been so great to me! This is another cover by Phatpuppyart. I <3 all her work and I'm so fortunate to have her as my cover artist. Next week we'll begin work on the revamp of SINGERS using the same model. I'm so excited! Thanks so much =) ttys~

  3. Ohh new singers cover!!! By phatpuppy...I just died and went to book heaven!!!!

  4. I had to blog it :D! Hey, where'd the hummingbirds go???


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