Tamara Rose's Ramble: Vlog for June

Here's a new "little" update video I've decided to to add in an effort to update my readers and forge a more intimate connection. Thanks so much for your support!
Push play button to view~

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  1. Hey! I love the vlog idea so much! Its great to see a face to the words! I'm so excited for your adult series since technically I'm an adult! Haha. (Hate reminding myself that) but anyway. I love your work and I'm so excited for the many releases in the end of the year! Also love the cover art! I'm familiar with McKinney from Samantha young and she is awesome. Are the future death books changing as well? I think my word vomit is receding so can't wait for the next vlog and thanks again for outstanding stories! -Jessica

  2. Vlogging is such a good idea! Its cool to put a voice and personality to your emails and books =D

    Very excited that Savage is going down a more YA mature route! Its a new genre I really want to look into and it will be perfect to explore it with Savage!! I cannot believe how fast you write! Since I have now decided to put a deadline for review requests for the year I am now deciding to devote all my free time during the school year to your books since I need to catch up so bad lol.

    Keep writing and vlogging =D

  3. Alright! Awesomesauce! Thanks, Becky... you, Evie and Shana were the very first bloggers that dug my books and I'll never forget you. I'm glad you liked the vlog... kinda silly, kinda me. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the rest of Savage and Death. I sure understand your time constraints and everything and feel honored you would devote time to reading my books! :D:D

  4. Very, very cool, Tamara! You looked and sounded great! I have done a few vlogs, but am uncomfortable preparing for them. I do them because I like being able to see and hear my blog buddies, so it's only fair, right? ;)
    Have a great weekend!


  5. Thanks Jimmy... I have a funny little snippet on My Comedic Life about doing the vlog and my opinion differs from yours (but I like what you say better;) It's fair, true... and I think peeps like to "meet" me. As the lovely Jennifer mentioned (ty so much). That's what it's about. I do enjoy the social connections, it makes writing so much more satisfying....

    ttys~ Tamara =)

  6. @Jessica... thanks so much for your feedback. It was a little weird to do the vlog *just talks to no one about stuff self-consciously* haha! Lol! But hearing from wonderful people like you make it worth it =)

    I actually think I have more adults reading my work than kids. And Death matures as it moves along so maybe that works? I wrote WHISPERS originally for my sons and it morphed into.... what it is now ;) (I did just get a 12-year old that sent me fan mail though! Made my month!)

    I just wrote a testimonial for Claudia McKinney and in part I mentioned that when I was looking for books to read on Amazon that I kept clicking on book covers that caught my eye and they were, nine times out of ten, Phatpuppy! I just gave up and had her start doing mine! I wish I would have done it earlier. She is immensely talented and I wouldn't use anyone else now, she's gotten me smitten! As far as changing the Death covers? I don't know. We'll see. With almost five books out, each cover would have to carefully reflect the story and that would be tough to do. Although I am actively looking for a "Clyde...." I think we can do it!

    And you thought you had word vomit? Did you listen to my vlog! LOL!

    Take care :D

    1. I quite enjoy your word vomit! I actually really like the cover art you have for the death series. I am glad this book turned into more...because I love it and now you are in my top three favorite authors! I love all of your series. But back to death, Clyde is probably my favorite character other than Caleb, so that would be awesome to have him on a cover! I love cover reveals (squealing with excitement! )

  7. Lovely! :D That's great to hear the feedback for the Death cover art as it is one-of-a-kind and speaks to what the story's about. Thanks so much for telling me how much you dig my work! That's what I'm going for; Entertainment! I am definitely going to be doing a spin-off series for Clyde. I have the title and will be shopping (at Phatpuppy, of course) cover art for the "perfect" Clyde. Isn't he something? It might take a little while but there will be a blurb/cover and title reveal after Thanksgiving for that new series. Ttys, Jessica =)

    1. HOLY SH**!!!!! I'm so excited for the spin off! Haha your awesome. End.of.story.

  8. Thanks so much, Jessica! Clyde just deserves his own book! I knew that when I was writing INCEPTION he was deeper than I'd explored. So I want to do that for him. (Listen to me, like he's real or something!).

    lol :D ttys~


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