Another Crazy Contest: It's All About The Weaponry!

Update 6/3/12-Reader Lori Parker guessed the right answer. Which was: SHOVEL.


So Readers... is it too early to get excited about UNREQUITED when WEEPS just pubbed? I don't think so! Want to win a signed paperback of INCEPTION?

Answer the following question: What's the newest weapon the teens inadvertently use in UNREQUITED?

First one that gives the correct answer gets a copy of INCEPTION!


I'm taking some time off for the next six weeks to work on some projects but will be back writing hard around July 1. In the meantime, I may post a SHORT here for free, just for my readers. Look for it! Unedited *real time* thanks to readers*... you get it =)

A new blog to follow:

This girl is a fanatic reader and digs All Things Zombie. She likes Death and I like that *winks* Show the love and sign up to receive updates on reviews about things that creep around.

A passage for THE REFLECTIVE (slated for 2013) will be up in the next two weeks. This will be an Adult Urban Fantasy, not YA. It's gritty guys! ;)

Why would I post a passage for a book that doesn't come out until 2013 when there's three before it? I can't get it out of my head! Maybe if I write it down for my readers... I can think. lol!

Thanks so much! Tamara


  1. Thanks for the love Tamara!!! Oh an Adult Urban Fantasy!!! I love this. Cannot wait!

  2. I can't wait to get started on the series. Enjoy your writing time!

  3. Also I have two guesses...
    Bacon *LOL*
    Randi opens a portal to nowhere and puts the bad guys in it. Portal to nowhere is a weapon right? Where is Logan with the correct answer? LOL.

  4. Logan's clever... I don't think he gets to enter anymore (jk). But, I think my readers will over think this. My son who Knows All, told me what needed to happen. I was quiet so long he asked if I was okay. (It's highly unusual for me to be quiet; EVER) Lol! ;) It's an actual weapon, not abstract.

    *bacon* Uh-huh... *shakes head*

    @Andrea, thanks! I'm digging your enthusiasm and will be interested to hear your thoughts. UNREQUITED isn't scheduled to release until December but sometimes the books demand to be written out of order. How can that happen? *grumps* I'm in charge, right? lol! Ty, ttys~

  5. A gun or a sword none of the death kids have ever used either one of these. I'm going to keep guessing.

  6. I was gonna guess bacon, but I see that's already taken... :/ Haha. Is it a real weapon, or a weapon that they create?

  7. Hmm... ok outside the box thinking here. What do they always have on hand. Caleb zombies, Jonesy snark, Terran Brains,Tiff has snark and her infernal gum. Do Jonesy and Tiff collaborate and make a gum emp ala Mission Impossible? They all have thier fists. Am I getting close yet? And bacon SHOULD be the answer to every question.

  8. You guys! With. The. Bacon. Okay... it's a great idea if Jonesy is coming back from a Costco and has like twenty pounds and holds it hostage until the next zombie attack. IF he can, not get distracted for like five seconds! Then he can potato launch it into someone... huh. Look at the daydreaming happening.

    Okay, back on task: they're in a graveyard when Jonesy ( of course) does a MacGyver and uses what's AVAILABLE. No, it's not his cast. But he's an innovative dude. And you all thought WEEPS was tense? UNREQUITED will be a tightwire...


  9. Ok here's my guesses for today. Headstone, shovel(though I doubt they keep those around in this world) Memorial pot of flowers. A dismembered zombie arm/body part? I am horrible at guessing these things.

  10. @Lori... that's it! You've won a signed copy of INCEPTION. Jonesy uses whatever he can... this will be a LYAO scene for sure! ;)

  11. I think Jonsey should come back from a Costco, and start "shoveling" the bacon into his mouth. This causes him to throw up all over somebody right as they start to attack him, therefore the bacon is used as a weapon, AND it makes use of the word "shovel"...okay, that totally wouldn't work, but be cool. Haha.

  12. LOL it might work. Especially if the book were titled Fifty shades of Jonesy and Bacon!!


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