DEATH WEEPS Available!


  1. Congratulations! I'm looking forward to reading the series very soon.

  2. Thanks Andrea! Let me know what you need; I'm your girl =)

  3. Hey! So I have been reading this series since you first posted them on Amazon! Thanks to my best friend that always looks for great free books on Amazon, she discovered you and now you are among my top three favorites, I have now read all of your series and I just finished weeps. Greatest plot line and conflict I have seen in a long time! I thoroughly enjoyed this book and its connections to savage! I cried and laughed the whole time. You are truly talented and I love your mind. Your humor is wonderful as well :)

  4. Thanks so much Jessica... l'm blown away by your praise and it means the world to me that a reader would enjoy my books enough to be moved to write. Thank you. As a side note: it's great to know what about the books you like; humor's not a bad thing;)

    My readers *rock*!

    Stay tuned for some details to be released about UNREQUITED. It's not coming out until Dec. but the story is there... like usual! :D Take care~ Tamara

  5. I wanted to explain what I love about death weeps but I didn't want to put spoilers in a comment, if you could guide me to find a suitable place to review I would gladly do that. I sit and talk with my friend for hours just about the depth that you put into your books. It still amazes me what you can conjure in that mind of yours. Thanks for the reply. I always look forward to your teasers of future releases

  6. Hi Jessica! I'm always available to hear from my readers:) I really pay attention to reader input. If you'd like to give your opinion about WEEPS, or any of the Series' books, you can post your review on Amazon under "write your review." Amazon is powerful for getting the word out to other readers about books we dig. I have over 80 reviews on there myself because I'm a fanatic reader! lol! Another great source of books that you may like: to cyber-organize your collection and rate what you've read is goodreads. com (it's a little like the FB for readers).

    I do an awful lot of daydreaming and that's when I think this stuff up. Writing is like seeing a movie playing in my head, what they're doing, what they're saying... and writing it all down as quick as I can, so as to capture it all. I know that's not a sufficient explanation but it's sort of an imprecise activity ;)

    Thanks for your help on getting the word out; every reader's willingness to review my work, and/or recommend it is doing their utmost to make sure that I continue to write books. Thanks again :D

    If you haven't already, feel free to subscribe for updates from my blog in the top, left hand corner of my blog. Ttys~

  7. Thanks for the info! I have been deeply curious about something so I might as well ask now that I have realized that you comment back. Do you have any connections with Samantha Young? She is another favorite author of mine and I saw that you used the same artist for your books. Atleast the new cover for Pearl. And you both use the same mobile app for your blogs. Could be coincidence, but I thought I would ask :)

  8. :D I do comment back! lol! I really dig Samantha Young and LOVED Slumber. The Phatpuppy connection is that every time a book cover caught my eye, I'd find out it was done by Phatpuppy. So, when it was time to update PEARL, I contracted Claudia for the new cover and I was beyond pleased with the results. Young is so impressive that when I was done reading SLUMBER, I wrote her personally to tell her how clever she is ;) The blog thing must be coincidence, I'll have to check out her blog and join if I haven't already.



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