Character Reveal for INCEPTION...Plus Bonus Contest!

Skinny-Smoker, aka, Chimney, aka The Cleaner. He's the bad boy for the Graysheets. They make a mess and he cleans it up. Ruthless, indifferent and without any moral compass, he's completely about the job.

Maggie, Clyde's fiance, and Clyde: farm-rustler and illegal fighting champion. How does Maggie's placement in Clyde's life go from coincidence to destiny?

Jeffrey Parker: reluctant hero or pawn of the Graysheets? I won't even MAKE you guys guess! Jeffrey is willful, a member of Mensa and has shades of Caleb. Why, you ask? See character list above ;)

Kyle U. Hart: against human trials and for humanity's advancement. Is the cost too steep? Can he protect his own son from what he agreed to?

Written Yesterday *real time*

The zombie soldier followed, its eyes ceaselessly churning through the darkness with a searching intensity that unnerved everyone but Smoker.

He didn't care what dead thing scuttled around. He hadn't been hired to give a shit. He was hired to clean.

And he was hell on wheels at that...


Okay Readers! Time for another Crazy Contest!

Win a signed paperback copy of book #4, DEATH WEEPS! Here's how:

Answer the following question:

What is THE major revelation in both WEEPS and INCEPTION that will blow away readers? That will explain the main character and some of the major supporting characters?

*Guess Away!

Contest ends on May 18 or when a lucky reader chooses the right answer. Thanks for playing!


  1. their genes were manipulated by the gray sheets, namely with clara of the alternate sphere dimension

  2. @Stephanie... you can't play; bad monkey! Lol!

    @theHyperMonkey... no, but I love the way your mind works =) It's simpler than that! I knew my readers would over think things *can't help brains* ;) Thanks~

  3. Is it the mapping of the human genome

  4. Ok so i have a few ideas
    1)Something to do with Clyde and him becoming less dead
    2)Somthing to do with Jade and the fact that she has no family left and has to be with a foster one

  5. Okay: I have left things too vague. The connection is between these three characters: Caleb, Clyde and Jeffrey Parker.

    I DO enjoy giving away my books! All my paperbacks have had recent facelifts so all the better; keep playing readers =)

    Thank you!

    9 more days!

  6. Hmmm...they're all related to each other in some way?


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