*Real Time* Readers! I just wrote this today... read it and WEEP ;)

Can Caleb save his friends sanity? Will he get what he needs in time?

   The zombie released Tracker, hissing as he did.

   Friendly bunch.

   Parker looked at Jonesy. “Tracker is a trained agent. He is a sixth belt in Karate, he understands and can execute hand to hand combat. Some teenage boys aren't going to deter him from his goal. Which is?” Parker promoted, cocking a brow.

   “Acquisition of Jade LeClerc, protection of Sophia Morris,” Tracker stated by rote.

   I watched tears roll down Sophie's cheeks in strangled tendrils of water.

   Logan and Jonesy glared at each other as her tears fell to the soft dirt at everyone's feet. Dampening the ground with her sadness.

   “You boys understand what's at stake here?” Parker asked.

   Gramps answered for us all, “Yeah, I think we've got the low-down. Now stop jawing and get that girl. I, for one, want to shut these jag-ups down.”

   “Forever,” I said....


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