Book Review: Wishing For Someday Soon by Tiffany King

I have read the Saving Angel Series by King and really enjoyed the paranormal, soulmate theme in those books and thought I'd give this new, YA crossover work a try. It was so vital, so real, so engaging I thought about it every moment I couldn't get back to reading it! You know a book's good when you become sad that it's coming to an end, when you lose sleep over reading it, when you want to reach inside the narrative and defend and protect the MC from the vicious onslaught of her life. That's what Wishing For Someday Soon is. It's a powerful tale about a brave human being that sacrifices her very welfare for someone dear to her heart. When true joy presents itself she can't be sure that she can embrace it. The prospect of love and trust is so foreign to Katelyn that at first, she doesn't recognize it for what it is. This is such a powerful book. I am seldom moved to tears but found myself stopping the reading of it twice, to regain my composure so I could read further. It's a stunner, leaving the reader dazed throughout and yearning for more at its eventual end.

What I liked: I loved the way King presented the book so cleanly but still with realism. It wasn't this anemic performance of stilted and one-dimensional characters, oh-no. It was a deep narrative given by a 17-year old senior, having seen the inside of twenty different schools in so many years, connecting with humanity as little as possible. King showcases a paralyzing loneliness inside the confines of a narrow hope that Katelyn holds onto with surgical finesse. I was blown away. King was absolutely masterful in painting a picture of stifling and insidious abuse. But she didn't allow the reader to wallow in it. There was enough joy and potential for happiness interspersed during the novel that the reader isn't mired in sorrow. Those flashes of happiness, blooming romance and the protective males that King is getting known for, all comes into play in this terrific narrative.

What I wasn't that fond of: this isn't a series! I have high hopes for more books done in this style from King. And although I really liked her angel series, I am a Forever Fan now that I've read WFSS. It reminds me of Sophie and Chelsea and Flat-out Love. If you've read the preceding novels, this story is sure to be a good fit. Although the plot is utterly different, it evokes the same feelings as those.

Rich, riveting and unforgettable,  WFSS is a read for lovers of real-life teens in tough situations that triumph over the challenges of their life.

5.5  of 5 stars!

Genre: Drama
Sub-genre: Family dysfunction, contemporary young adult mature/crossover, romance
Elements: some profanity/sexuality, disturbing physical & verbal abuse against minors
Age: 16+


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