Book Review: Angelfall by Susan Ee

I know, I know... so why review a book that is selling so well and has a boatload of five star reviews already? Because, it's THAT good! Did you go nuts over Hunger Games? Sick and tired of all the sappy angel stories out there? Then you've got a great fit in Angelfall, because it's none of that. It's a take-no-prisoners read that will leave you really wanting the next installment. 

The story is essentially about an angel apocalypse. The angels decimate earth and we are now under their strange rule. In this world our MC, Penryn, is busy looking after a wheelchair-bound seven year old sister and a Mom that is constantly bordering on unpredictable psychosis. The family slowly starves in an environment where water and electricity are sporadic at best and gangs have taken over suburbia. This is a dark, urban fantasy that has tension strung taut in a way that makes the reader stayed glued to the pages, wishing for Penryn's safety and dying over the sister's kidnapping. Did I say dying? Ugh! Ee paints such a startling and clear portrait of gritty survival, the reader can't help but be drawn in.

What I liked: the pacing and the flow. This story moves! And it does so in such a way that the reader is getting "fed" little tidbits of intrigue in a fairly consistent way throughout the entire tale. I love the MC. Penryn has never been soft, but she longs to be. Her inner girlie has never had a chance to manifest and she is left being the provider for her family after her father deserts them. I love a MC under pressure and Ee knows just how to cook it! I never feel pity for Penryn, but I root for her. That is the mark of a clever storyteller. Where you wish to assist the MC but you don't languish in their pain and angst. Awesome! I like the dark angel that she befriends and the mystery of their relationship as it evolves.

What I didn't care for as much: I thought it was a little short for a full-length and didn't feel like her relationship with Raffe was clear at the end. Maybe it wasn't supposed to be? I will definitely be picking up book two. This is the first angel book that has really made me want the subsequent installment. Romance and angel lovers might also enjoy The Saving Angel Series by Tiffany King. That series is "softer," with more romance and alpha male vibe. With the current trend in Angel Lit there is no shortage!

4.5  of 5 stars!

Genre: Post-apocalyptic
Sub-genre: Angels, dystopian, survivalist
Elements: some profanity, violence
Age: 14+


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