Sunday, March 25, 2012

*Random Contest* SAVAGE Lovers, here's your chance!

Win a signed paperback of VENGEANCE if you can GUESS the title choice for Savage #4!!!
(to be mailed in May 2012)


That's right! I've chosen the cover, title and just written the blurb for Book #4. 


Please leave your email address and title guess in the comment section to enter.
Contest ends Friday the 13th, April 2012.
Cover reveal and blurb to follow!

*Okay: I've decided to add a hint for a lucky reader of book #3 to guess.
HINT: it's what she is...



    My guess is The Savage Death

  2. The Savage Truth... Yeah I suck at guessing lol

  3. The Savage Bacon...yeah, I'm pretty sure it's that.

  4. *bacon* LOL! Just sayin'... probably not going to match the storyline. It's a sad day when bacon doesn't exist in their world! ;)

  5. The Savage End
    I do like the bacon one though.

  6. I don't want to make it *too* hard 'cuz I dig giveaways so here's the hint: It's what she is~

    Good Luck =)

  7. The savage messiah or the savage key.... Can I guess 2 or 3?

  8. No one is limited to guesses. If someone get it on the 10th try, so be it! :)

  9. the savage future. I think the savage key and queen are good guess. wish I had thought of it first...

  10. The Savage Regent
    The Savage Link
    The Savage...I need to think more.

  11. Wow! Holy smokes guys=) You have great titles... no hits yet. Just so you all know, if I used one of your title choices here for the future... you'd get a signed copy of that book and credit. That's just the way I roll.

    *The Savage Regent* WOW!!! *amazing* I don't know if it takes the place of the BACON by Logan *winks* but that is a Righteous title, Angie =)

  12. Thanks! It does sound pretty awesome. :)

    I have more guesses....

    The Savage Heir
    The Savage Inheritance
    The Savage Lady
    The Savage Fierceness (Clara is pretty darn fierce!)
    The Savage Kin
    The Savage...this is hard!

  13. Savage Destiny

  14. @Angie.... I might have titles forever! Lol! Seriously, they're great. Okay.... have you read book #3 yet? 'Cuz, Calia's got it goin' on too! ;)

    @Jade...ty. *destiny* makes sense. Definitely book #3 has a total clue... I think I'll add the hint at the top of this page...Thanks for entering :)

  15. I haven't read #3 yet! I've been on a library book kick lately, and ignoring my poor Kindle. Maybe that's why this is so hard...dang.

  16. :D... I think the hint means more to readers of the third book, but you're guessing pretty *hot* anyway ;) Good luck and thanks for your input =)

  17. Well dang! Vengeance is on my to-read, but not for awhile. I wanted to read your Death series (which I am soon!), before getting to it. But I'm not giving up!

  18. Savage Garden! Lol!

  19. I love Savage Garden! :D

    The Savage Daughter
    The Savage Princess
    The Savage Nexus
    The Savage Savage
    The Savage Hybrid

  20. Personally, I think this is the most fun contest I've had... that you could come up with all those? You go girl! ;) Ty~

  21. It is really fun!

    The Savage Bride
    The Savage Mate
    The Savage Consort
    The Savage Ruler
    The Savage Advantage (that kind rhymes!)

  22. The Savage Select! or the Select Savage. Something in that area.

  23. @Angie... @Heather... you guys! I have title choices now for 20 books! ;) I don't know if the Savage Series can survive it... lol! Ty guys :D

  24. Maybe you could write a ton of short stories! :P

  25. @Angie... maybe. What did you have in mind? You've got me curious now!

  26. I'd love to read something about Rowena and Queen Ada's pasts. Ada is awful, but I'm super intrigued by her!

  27. email-

    The savage monarch

  28. The savage royalty
    The savage royal

  29. the Savage control
    The Savage Eve

  30. @Kushiel... you can vote as many times as you want. Contest ends tomorrow at midnight. Cover/title reveal Friday! Thanks so much~! I will let peeps know when a lucky reader nails it! :D

  31. Is it tomorrow yet? i'm ready to know what it is :)

  32. @Heather... you're great! I cannot believe all the title choices I have now. I could have NEVER come up with these! If I use one in the future... I will definitely be giving away a paperback to the lucky creative reader!

    Thanks everyone for your entries! =) I have the best readers on the planet!


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