VENGEANCE & WEEPS Together at Last~! Weaving the Magic HERE!

Readers: What happens when Vengeance and Death collide?
Deadly Vengeance!

I have combined book #3 (VENGEANCE, Savage Series) with book #4 (WEEPS, Death Series). The Death characters will offer balance, answers and... other things for Clara and the Band.

Never fear! It's *just enough* to have fun and neither faction will consume either installment.

A small passage from VENGEANCE & WEEPS:

   Except Tiff, she walked beside Caleb. The pair listened to the low drone of the dead at their feet, everywhere they stepped held the murmur of their discontent.

   Nobody mentioned the odds of a handful of teenagers against seventy of the fragment.

   Courage is ignoring your fear.

Thank you, Readers~


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