BLOOD SINGERS on the Downward slope~!

Hi Readers! I'm sharing some of my excitement... I wrote this line yesterday:

Love was an errant master, choosing who it would without reason.
Without rationale.

Don't you agree with the above?

Here's the thing, I've passed the 60K word count on Singers and that seems to "flip the writing switch." I'll be in a frenzy of writing; sliding toward 80K in the next 10 days or so. My editor should get this work on Valentine's Day.

Be Mine, right? ;)


  1. @Heather... thanks so much. Just had to share with my terrific readers, like you =)

  2. Totally. And good use of the word rationale.

  3. Thanks! LOL! I can't wait to see the rainbow pen *rolls eyes*, oh well... =) Thanks Steph~


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