Delicious Diction~!

Dear Readers, check out this passage from Singers. Echoes of Pearl with the bite of Death:


The vampire moved as a unit, talons extended, fangs sprung free from their houses of flesh.

They came to where the delectable smell of fresh blood was released. A quality without compare. It was if a thousand year old bottle of wine lay breathing.

On a cold stone floor. But paces away from consumption.


  1. When will this be out? I can't wait to read it.

  2. I probably shouldn't say this on my blog because it's not for SURE but I just told my editor that I'd have SINGERS to her by Valentine's Day. With how fast she edits, I'd say it could pub before March 15. I was thinking June, but now I'm sure it'll be way sooner. Getting SCREAMS done quicker moved all my titles' releases forward... =) I will be putting up a ticker for SINGERS after SCREAMS releases next Friday so readers have a date they can look forward to. ttys Shana :)

  3. Thank you, and I'm sorry. I didn't mean to put you on the spot. That's really great to know. I'm definitely looking out for this one :)

  4. You didn't, lol! I just want to make sure I deliver on what I say and don't want to disappoint anyone! But, after five books, I feel a little more confident about what I think I can do on a time line, so no big deal :)I was just working on the graphics for my ticker (Singers). It's good to have goals... :)


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