"BE MINE" 100th "like" and Win Your Choice of Title HERE!

Haven't tried one of my books? Read all but one? Here's your chance! "Like" my author fan page; the 100th "like" gets a free copy of one of my titles :)
Show me the love~! =D


  1. I kept refreshing your FB page as it was on 96 for a while... but I guess that's what everyone else was doing too. I decided to forgo my chance at getting the lucky 100th spot and be number 97 instead. #suchamartyr

  2. Awesome! Thanks for liking =D Don't worry, I'll be doing another one of these for "follows" as well. I am at 135 followers and will be doing a 5-book giveaway ( actually, it may be 6 by that time) for the 200th follower. Pretty much, every time a new title releases, there's going to be a special/chance to win/etc. Contests are fun~ ty :)


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