Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"BE MINE" 100th "like" and Win Your Choice of Title HERE!

Haven't tried one of my books? Read all but one? Here's your chance! "Like" my author fan page; the 100th "like" gets a free copy of one of my titles :)
Show me the love~! =D


  1. I kept refreshing your FB page as it was on 96 for a while... but I guess that's what everyone else was doing too. I decided to forgo my chance at getting the lucky 100th spot and be number 97 instead. #suchamartyr

  2. Awesome! Thanks for liking =D Don't worry, I'll be doing another one of these for "follows" as well. I am at 135 followers and will be doing a 5-book giveaway ( actually, it may be 6 by that time) for the 200th follower. Pretty much, every time a new title releases, there's going to be a special/chance to win/etc. Contests are fun~ ty :)


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