"The Savage Vengeance," Cover Reveal and Contest Winners Announced!

Congratulations to Kami B. for the winning title selection!
The Savage Vengeance
Book Three of the Savage Series


Here's what Dictionary.com says:
1. infliction of injury, harm, humiliation or the like on a person by another who has been harmed by that person; violent revenge.  But have you the right to vengeance?


I think our Guys with the Gills can take care of this fragment problem... what do you think Readers?

I wish to thank every reader who entered.  My second choice was, The Savage Providence, by Calia. I have already emailed Calia to inform her if I use her title choice in a future Savage installment she will receive a signed copy of that book! 

*Honorable mention goes to Calia (pronounced Cal-la like the flower, Calla Lily). Her name pinged around inside my head incessantly so she was gracious enough to allow its use in Vengeance! Thanks so much =D Her character is already coming to life. Sometimes that happens...

Awesome entries!


Congratulations to Shannon for choosing the winning name for Alex's love interest!
Death Screams
Book Three of the Death Series
January 15, 2012

And the name is:
"Randi" for short.
(Can anyone guess whose daughter she is?)

*Honorable mention goes to Logan Rutherford, who had many name choices I liked. However, it was his name that I will be using for a surprise revealing at the end. Watch for it!

It's noteworthy that many entrants names I loved as much as their entries! Just a coincidence... ;)

I adore my readers XOXO Tamara


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