Pick up Pearl for FREE~!

Hi Readers! Amazon just made my first book in the Savage Series FREE tonight!


Book #2 was just released on Nov. 18


  1. Thanks for letting me know about this, Tamara. I have a very happy Kindle now. :) Much success to you.


  2. Thanks Jimmy, you've been a big supporter and I'm eternally grateful =D

  3. I picked up The Savage Pearl, quite honestly, because the price, (FREE is usually a good price lol), and the cover caught my eye. I liked the summary but know summaries sometimes lie. Your book BLEW ME AWAY! Upon finishing it I immediately bought The Savage Blood. I have rarely picked up a follow up book that quickly, (especially not at 2 in the morning). Now I come here and learn you are from Alaska. I have to definitely write you and your books up on my blog. I would love to have you come on my blog. A lot of my friends have asked me about Alaskan writers. I think you would be perfect for them. Let me know if you are interested, please. cristina(at)alaskanbookcafe(dot)com

  4. Hi Cristina!

    I'd be honored to be on your blog and have to say, there's a little thrill about being featured on an Alaskan site! We're so far removed it's sure fun to have that opportunity in my home state. Thanks so much for your words about Pearl! I'm flattered! =D ttys, Tamara


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