Calling all Death Fans! Calling all Savage Fans! Domestic & International!

Hi Readers~! Want some input on the next book? I am writing Death Screams right now for a late January release and thought you'd like to pick the FEMALE name of Alex's love interest. What? You ask...the tiny nerd? No. Not so tiny now *winks*
HINT: Alex's love interest is of mixed Asian descent with coal black hair and slightly almond-shaped eyes. She's a little smaller than Jade and a spitfire! Exotic and gorgeous yet not ruled by her looks~
The winner will receive a signed copy of Death Screams after its release.
The selection will be based on me liking the name and [it] suiting the character.
Please post a comment with your female name choice and email.


Haven't read Death? No problem! Here is the contest for book 3 in the Savage Series:

I'd love to have the title for book three chosen before Christmas. It's my gift to myself!
Here are the titles of my published books in the Savage Series:
Book One- The Pearl Savage
Book Two- The Savage Blood
Book Three- chosen by clever reader.

The criterion for selection for me is the following:
*It must make sense with what I know will happen in book three
*I have to like the sound of it
*It must have both "the" & "savage" as part of it.

Here are a few suggests that have already been sent:
Fear the Savage
The Savage Fear
The Savage Justice
 Justice of the Savage

The winner will receive a signed copy of Book Three after its release this spring.

Please post a comment with your title choice and email.



  1. Well, I think the female love interest should be named Shana. But, I'm biased. I've also always liked the name Maria, but Shana is my entry.

    The Blood Savage? Just kidding. How about something like The Savage Choice or The Choice Savage or The Savage Future or The Future Savage. Wow, I am no good at this at all...

  2. Me either, that's why I had the contest! It's harder than I thought it'd be! I like Shana too. No bias on my part... *winks* =D

  3. Name Choice #1: Skyla
    Name Choice #2: Abbey (Abigail)
    Can I have two choices? I couldn't decide.

  4. @ADugan...sure! It just gives me more choices. Thanks for entering! Alex just met her today in the book. A spitfire! :)

  5. Kami (Goodreads Friend)November 27, 2011 at 11:46 PM

    Name Choice: Lily

    Book Title Choice: The Savage Vengeance

    I dont want my email floating out there so I am not going to post it here, if that takes me out of the running thats fine. I just thought it would be fun to contribute to one of my new favorite series.

  6., you're definitely in the running. I know who you are. I just wasn't sure how many readers would enter & wanted an easy contact email for the winner.

    I can see I'll have a tough choice ahead of me. You guys are giving me great options already! :)

  7. Name choice: Prixa (I don't know what this means) so I have another choice, Alethea which means Truth. :)))

    Book Title Choice: The Savage Fate / Fate of the Savage

    Hi Miss Tamara! Hope you get the name and title you like! Keep safe always. Good luck in your books. :)

  8. @Franchie15...good choices, different. I know what she looks like now and am mulling the names over even as we speak. Thanks so much for your input and support. This has been fun! :)Maybe I'll post a description?

  9. Hi Miss Tamara. :) You're welcome! Yes, I think so. So your followers can think of something related to the description. :)

  10. @franchie15...thanks for your feedback, I've added it. :)

  11. Name choice: Emi (Em ee) means blessed with beauty)

    Title: The Sovereign Savage

    Love the books. Thanks so much.
    Treniece H.


  12. Thanks for your entry! (And your great feedback!) :)

  13. HI Tamara!
    I just got through reading the 2 death books yesterday! I LOVED them!! Can't wait for the 3rd to be out!!

    I think Merranda, or Mandy for short would be a good name. As for the title of the next savage book. How about, The Night of the Savage or The Savage Night?

    Good Luck!!


  14. Thanks Shannon...actually your name is pretty nice! =D Have you read the savages? Try The Pearl Savage if you haven't, it's free! Thanks so much for your entry. I have posted a countdown for Screams releases on the top left corner of my blog for Death fans! Right now, it is running ahead of schedule...

  15. Thanks Tamara!

    I haven't read the savages yet, but I just downloaded them to my nook and will start tonight!! I am uber excited to hear that you are ahead of schedule on the 3rd death book!! Did I mention that I LOVED them?? LOL


  16. I am so pleased Screams is ahead of schedule. I have done the *best* guess I can based on how long it took me to write the other books. But sometimes the story comes along faster (great!). Please put in your entry for the new Savage title when you're done reading them! And thanks for loving my books. :D

  17. Hi Tamara! I'd like to suggest The Royal Savage as the title for the 3rd Savage story. My e-mail is

    Love the books -- read both in 3 days!

  18. Hi I'm new to this! I just read the first book of the death series and I loved it!
    Is this the second book your writing for the series or the third? If its the third then what is the second book called? Thanks
    My name choice is: Victoria OR Amadaya


  19. @ehee, thanks so much for reading the savages! I *love* my readers suggestions! =D

    @carly the second book is available now, DEATH SPEAKS. I am nearly done with book 3 (DEATH SCREAMS) and I thought it'd be fun to let a fan name Alex's love interest. What's the pronunciation of name choice #2? Check out my tab at the top of this blog titled "Death." I have more info about the series there.

    Thanks for your entries! Lovin' it :)

  20. You pronounce the name with the Am like in Amish and then day and the a as's actually my little cousins name which I think is very exotic and pretty! Thanks!

  21. Am-day-ahh; got it! Thank you...I hate having my internal voice say something incorrectly! Geez.

  22. Sorry I forgot to put in the ahh after the should sound the same sort of

  23. Wow, T you already have so many awesome names to choose from. I propose Arden, Ash (Ashlyn), and my personal fave, Kim. ;)

  24. @Kim, I'm diggin' on Ashlyn, thank you~

  25. sister is Asian...her name it Caitlin, or Cait for, yeah! That's my choice! Either that, or Camryn/Cami...or Gabrielle/Gabby...I have lots in my mind! Hahaha.

    As far as the name for the third Savage book, I just started the first one, so I'll get back to you when I'm done with the series. Although, I can't decide if I want to start Savage, or Death Screams! They're all so good!

  26. @Logan...haha. Wait until you read Screams (releasing next month). I saw your name and I have already ripped it off for the ending. You'll see when you get there. It was you~ I saw your name and knew I had to use it. Hope that's okay? Creative license ;)

    For sure, just post another entry for your choice for savage 3 when you you have time. Perfect. You've got until Dec. 24. It's been fun to hear everyone's choices. =D Thanks for entering!

  27. Whoa! That's pretty legit! I can't wait to read it! My name is forever moralized thanks to you...and a lot of other things. But still! I give you all the credit! I hope he's rugged, but dashingly handsome, just as I am, and the ladies are all over him! Okay, maybe that's nothing like me...I'm not rugged looking. :P Hahaha.

  28. He's ah...really got it goin'! I can't say more without giving things away but you'll dig the twist! =D

  29. Hi Tamara, I really like the Death series, and I'm starting on the Savage series soon.

    My choice of name for the Death series would be
    1. Synder (Sin) for short,I get the feeling she has a fiery nature.
    2. Lyric, just cause I like it.

    As for the Savage Contest I suggest the Title.
    Savage Storm.


  30. @Kdubois~ hi and thanks for that. I am already using Cynthia (Cyn) for Julia's best friend's name in Blood Singers so it's taken (I loved that nickname too!). Thanks for two entries! Yes (she's fiery), she makes Tiff look tame. lol! We get a taste of that in Screams and a whole lot more in Weeps. Love Storm. It's going to be a really tough decision! Thank you for your comments on Death and your entry, much appreciated! =D Interested to hear your thoughts on Savage...

  31. FINALLY getting in my book title suggestions for The Savage Series...

    1. The Savage Battle
    2.The Savage Crusade
    3.The Destined Savage
    4.The Ultimate Savage
    5.Break the Savage
    6.The Savage Providence
    7.The Savage Moirai. (Moirai is a Greek word that means fate.)

    I have so many titles running through my head. How The Savage Blood ended I think so many things can happen in the Third book... Ah!! Savage over load! :)


  32. Hi Tamara, love the series and cant wait for book3! What about...The savage key, the savage end, or the savage battle. My email

  33. the multiple entries! Thanks so much for contributing =D

    @Brittney(TY!) Thanks so much for your entries and your friendship on FB :D

    The cover reveal will be posted along with the winning title choice on Christmas ~!

  34. Hi Tamara,

    While I was here getting a sneak peek of Scream I decided to put my thoughts in on the title on for your third book in the Savage Series. Got to say I'm stoked for Savages #3 release.
    How about...

    The Savage Life



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