*5-Stars* for "Forever Mine"~! FREE on Amazon.com Right nOw!!!

I picked this up for free but had been wanting to purchase it because of the reviews but the cover didn't "say" YA so I didn't get past that.

Wow! Wish I'd read it sooner! This author knows how to write the alpha-male. And I'm nuts for that type of male interest. That alone got the book shoved up to the four-star category. Do not spoon feed me the simp male, it will not work. Reyes crams Angel down our throats and I loved it! He's larger-than-life and never sugar-coats his feelings or intentions, not a game-player. He knows what he wants and it's Sarah...

But can Sarah commit to Angel? That is the strength of the story, there is a lot of intrigue about the past that causes Sarah to pause in desiring lasting relationships. She has one friend she can count on and one HUGE relationship that has failed. She needs to get back to what's familiar and not get entangled in something that may cause her further emotional torment.

Or so she thinks. Ha! Reyes weaves a story that has two or three mysterious sub-plots which float to the surface throughout, keeping the reader engaged for the entire read. I read this book in one sitting. I hear book two is even better and I can't wait to read it. If you like alpha-males, romantic tension with a dash of intrigue/mystery, this is for you! One additional thing is the author doesn't keep this book "clean." There is REAL dialogue that people would actually use. It is not a sanitized version; I really dug that. Keeping it real, keeps me reading.

Although the stories are not similar at all, somehow FM has the same "feel" as "Beautiful Disaster." People that liked that novel should like "Forever Mine."


As an aside: I am really liking that "bridge" genre of YA that is moving into the adult realm but I don't see much of it (YA crossover/Mature YA). FM and BD are fine examples of a YA that is too mature for young teens but is perfect for teens that may not wish to read the "heaviness" of adult romance. FM fits nicely into this niche-genre. Reyes has written a series on the Moreno brothers and they mature with subsequent novels into the Adult Contemporary arena.

5.5 Stars~!

Genre: Mature Young Adult
Elements: Mild: violence, profanity, sexuality & reference  
Sub-genre(s):Contemporary Romance, Intrigue, Romantic suspense 
Age: 17+ 

Purchase Link: Forever Mine
Cost: FREE
Grammatical/formatting issues: Nothing significant.
Paperback: No 


  1. Great review Tamara! I've had this one on my TBR list for a while now, but I am definitely bumping it up. Thank you for sharing it - have a great weekend! :)

  2. You have to! If you dug "Beautiful Disaster" than this one you'll love as well. And, this is the first in a series. Other readers have liked the second book even more... :)


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