Thursday Focus: Kimberly Spencer talks about, "Shimmerspell..."

TRB: Kimberly, you're doing fantastically well with both your debut novella, Shimmerspell, as well as its sequel, Limerick. What do you attribute to your growing success?

KS: Giving away free copies of Shimmerspell has been a tremendous help. Doing so has allowed me to garner new reviews and has even boosted the sales of Limerick.

TRB: What made you choose to go Indie? What is your advice to other authors that don't wish to go the “legacy publishing” route?

KS: I chose to go Indie because I liked the creative control it provided. I’m able to write what I want and transmit it directly to readers without waiting for a publishing house to back my ideas. My advice to other authors is to do your homework. Kindleboards is a great place to start learning about the publishing process. Create the best product you can. And finally, edit, edit, edit!

TRB: Where did you get your idea(s) for your novella, Shimmerspell?

KS: I have always loved stories about King Arthur, but they never really told what happened next. How was Morgen Le Fae punished? What happened to the Lady of the Lake? For Shimmerspell, my goal was to answer those questions by stressing the fairy side of the legend.

TRB: What type/style of a writer are you? Seat-of-Your Pants? Outline Queen? Master Plotter?  

KS: Seat-of-my-pants all the way. I usually start with a general idea for the beginning and the end, then wing it from there.

TRB: I hear that!

TRB: Did you model any characters after real-life people? Is there a character that resonates with you?  

KS: Physically, I imagine Liam as a younger version of Jensen Ackles. You know, the really hot guy that plays Dean on Supernatural. But other than that, no. All of the other characters are just figments of my wild imagination.

The MC Jensen is definitely my favorite character. She’s sarcastic, funny, and so incredibly flawed. I’ve always loved imperfect characters—the ones that have to struggle to achieve their goals rather than have everything come naturally. Flaws make them feel real and Jensen is as realistic as it gets.

TRB: Agree with the mindset of the MC having challenges to overcome.

TRB: What is your hope for readers to experience by reading your novel?

KS: I hope readers laugh so hard they snort. I hope they become so enchanted by Jensen’s world that they can’t even go to the bathroom without dragging their e-readers along with them. Honestly, I just want my books to be the escape they need from the craziness of real life.

TRB:Is there a playlist that you listen to that inspires you while you're writing?

KS: Save the Hero - Beyonce
I Don’t Know if I Should Stay - Alexz Johnson
Brick by Boring Brick - Paramore.
Those three songs always get me in the mood to write for the Faerie Tale Girl Trilogy.

TRB: Who is your favorite author? Is there a certain genre you read [in] exclusively?

KS: I inhale paranormal and urban fantasy books. Seriously, I can’t live without them. My favorite authors are Rachel Vincent, Gena Showalter, and Cassandra Clare.

TRB: Are you a DTB (Dead Tree Book) reader, or do you use a dedicated reader? What do you predict for the future of these two formats? 

KS: Other than textbooks, I can’t even remember the last time I bought an actual book. My kindle has been a godsend. With the high cost of books these days, having it has saved me a ton of money. I believe that paperbacks will always be around, but e-readers will become the norm in the next few years.

TRB: When can we expect the exciting sequel for, Limerick, to publish? What are a few things the reader can expect from book three? I'm also aware that you have a full-length novel in the works, Tether. When do you anticipate that will publish? How has it been to work on both a novella (at 20K-ish words), then transition into a full length work?  

KS: Triquetra is slated to be released late August/early September. In it, readers can expect to see Jensen finally owning her powers. Everyone knows her secret now, so both courts want to control her. Jensen has made up her mind that she’s gonna fight them all. Also, the infamous Lorelei Le Fae will finally reconnect with Jensen and Dermott and a lot of questions about Liam’s behavior in Limerick will be answered.

I expect to publish my first full-length novel, Tether, late October. I’m really excited about it. It’s a young adult vampire romance with a twist and I actually came up with the idea while doing research for Shimmerspell.

So far, transitioning from a novella to a novel has been fun. But once I get deeper into writing it, I imagine it will become frustrating since there’s so much I need to include to make the story feel complete.

TRB: How has your experience as an author been different from what you expected?

KS: Honestly, I expected the social networking part to be a lot easier, but I truly suck at it. I have a blog and a twitter page, but I never know what to say. Is it crazy for someone to feel shy over the internet? 

TRB: *Laughs*! 

TRB: Tell us your secret(s) of coming up with the to-die-for cover art for your books!  

KS: Eye-catching, bold colors! I’ve always been drawn to covers like that, so I had to have them for my own books. For authors on a budget, Dreamstime has a really nice selection of photos and you can use Gimp (a free program) to alter them to your liking.
Kim's full length novel, Tether...due in autumn, 2011~!

TRB: Fantastic! Having read Shimmerspell, I was taken with how exactly the cover reflects the feel of the story...can't wait to read Limerick! Thank you so much for being a guest on my blog, Kim! I'm so fortunate to have met you... :D

Author Bio~
Kimberly hails from Alabama and is a self-proclaimed: Avid Reader :: Writer of Edgy Faerie Tales:: and Non-Arithmeticer.

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